Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 3 Episode 4

Gee Whiz

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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A billboard with the face of a famous religious icon seems to have given Meatwad the gift of a child. But Frylock doesn't trust that this "pregnancy" is all it's cracked up to be...

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  • Gee Whiz

    The Good:

    -"By following the rules, you're guaranteed to make a mediocre product that no one can relate to."

    -Frylock has braces.

    -To get Meatwad to know who Jesus is, Frylock compares him to Ted Nugent.

    -Meatwad gets pregnant.

    -"How do you do it? I'm asking."

    -"...My water broke."

  • A billboard with Jesus Christ seems to give Meatwad the gift of the child

    I thought that this was a mostly excellent episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was very funny that everyone would cuss alot in this episode and the X blocks the cuss words. Frylock saw on the computer that he saw Jesus Christ on the billboard. Frylock didn't want to say Jesus' name so he refers to him as "Gee Whiz". The whole if you shoot the head and the rainbow comes out after that thing was weird but pretty funny. It was very funny when some random torch arrow dude arrives and he shoots Carl with a flaming arrow. If Carl takes the arrow out of his arm, he will explode which he did and rainbow came out of him instead of blood. My score was just a tad low because I thought Meatwad being pregnant was wierd and I didn't like it when it was spider eggs in his belly the whole time and Meatwad's belly explodes (which was just over the top ans disgusting but I guess I'm okay with it since this show is meant to be violent). Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9.5/10moreless
  • Best episode of the season

    It was freakin\' hilarious, especially the ending. I also enjoyed the \"Standards and Practices\" bit, and the voice rhat would say things like, \"Unacceptable\", or \"No! Permission not granted!\" Unlike some episodes, it remained funny through the entire episode. Some other funny parts also included Meatwad\'s mood swing, and the gift Carl got him (and the gift Shake NEVER got him!). I would have to definately say that this is not only my favorite episode of the season, but that it is my favorite episode of all time! Everything sort of worked together to make other things funnier than they could ever be alone. I would have to say that I definately, and highly, reccommend this episode, even if you don\'t normally watch this show.moreless
  • "Gee Whiz" is definitely one of the best episodes from Season 3.

    "Gee Whiz" is definitely one of the best episodes from Season 3. The show opens with Frylock telling Shake that several people have claimed to seen a prominent religious figure on a local billboard. Frylock can't identify the figure by name because of "Standards and Practices," so when Shake proves too dim to understand Frylock's references, Frylock refers to him (Jesus) as "Gee Whiz." This leads Shake to explore the billboard for evidence of divine presence, Meatwad to become pregnant by seemingly immaculate means, and a guest appearance by Ted Nugent, complete with a bow and flaming arrows.

    Those plots are funny enough in and of themselves, but the real humor in this episode comes from the completely over-the-top sense of political correctness that "Standards and Practices" force upon our heroes. The "Standards and Practices" video that Frylock shows Shake is easily one of the funniest moments of the entire show. Frylock's failed attempts to make Shake understand that Frylock is referring to Jesus--"J, son of G"--serve as further proof of Shake's neverending stupidity.

    Overall, one of the best episdoes of the season and probably of the entire show.moreless
  • Best season 3 episode

    Looking back at season 3 of ATHF, one must note this episode as one of the few that are any good from this season. Out of those, this is the best and the funniest of the year by far. I'd give this a 12 if I could. The entire making fun of S&P is what makes this episode funny, and Meatwad's "pregnancy" just adds to the hilarity.
Michael D. Hanks

Michael D. Hanks

"Gee Whiz" Guy

Guest Star

George Lowe

George Lowe

Standards & Practices Announcer

Guest Star

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent


Guest Star

Matt Maiellaro

Matt Maiellaro


Recurring Role

Andy Merrill

Andy Merrill


Recurring Role

Mike Schatz

Mike Schatz


Recurring Role

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    • George Lowe: By following the rules, you're guaranteed to make a mediocre product that no one can relate to!

    • Carl: sure you wasn't raped?
      Meatwad: No, but I was raped with joy.
      Carl: So...there's gonna be another one of you animals running around here? Great. We'll start a zoo. Super.

    • Meatwad: Uh-huh. Who's the J-man?
      Frylock: Ya know...starts with a J, son of G...died and went to H...on the C?
      Meatwad: Died on the C...Commode, commode! Elvis!
      Frylock: No.
      Meatwad: It's Elvis!
      Frylock: But he was a king. And he did live in a Graceland of sorts. (Sighs) He looks like Ted Nugent?
      Meatwad: Oh, yeah, I know that old boy! It's Jes-
      Frylock: Don't say it! Let's just call him...Gee Whiz.

    • (After Meatwad gets Carl's "gift")
      Frylock: What the hell is this?!
      Carl: Wha- it's a fishin' rod, 'ya see? It uh, it folds up, you know, you put it in your...I got about a hundred of them. Well, they make pretty good gifts if you don't, you know, give a crap about who you're giving them to.

    • (After the Standards and Practices Video)
      Frylock: And that, Meatwad, is why I can't say the J-word.
      Meatwad: I don't understand any of this shit.
      Frylock: That's okay, no one else will either. (Smiles)

    • Frylock: Well guess what? Meatwad's pregnant.
      Meatwad: True that.
      Frylock: Meatwad you can't possibly be pregnant!
      Meatwad: Ye of little faith! How do you know that?
      Frylock: First off, you're a ma... (Stares at Meatwad while Meatwad's smiling)
      Frylock: Well you're kind of a...I don't know, you're a male!
      Meatwad: I am?! Awesome, that is so cool! I always wanted a gender!

    • Shake: I'm not worried about him, I'm worried about Frodo and I wanna know what he's up to.

    • Announcer: That's right, a happy and colorful rainbow. Although not nearly as funny, it's guaranteed not to offend the black people.
      Voice: NO! UNACCEPTABLE!
      Announcer: Did I say black? I meant to say minorities.
      Voice: ACCEPTABLE!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The original title of this episode was "Gee Whiz," however for three weeks it was listed as both "Nuge" and "The Nuge." The official title of the episode was changed back to "Gee Whiz" the night before it aired on [adult swim].

    • The Sandards & Practices Video is based off of real seminars that television and radio groups hold to discuss what is allowed and not allowed on the air.


    • Elvis Presley
      When Frylock mentions that the person died on the C, Meatwad guesses Commode, and insists that Frylock means Elvis.
      He is referring to the fact that Elvis died while sitting on his commode - or toilet.

    • The Evil Dead
      Jason Goes to Hell
      Frylock: Oh wait... that's the Necronomicon.
      The Necronomicon Ex Mortis, or "Book of the Dead," is a fictional tome created by H.P. Lovecraft and was the book used by Ash and company to unleash evil in the The Evil Dead films. The Necronomicon was also seen in Jason Goes to Hell in the Vorhees' house.