Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 7

Global Grilling

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Nov 12, 2006 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The episode begins with shake and meatwad by an inflatable pool in the house with shake spitting in to it to make a spit monster. When shake runs out of spit, meatwad offers him cheese but, shake says no, i need to be sick. Shake and meatwad then are shown in front of carls house. Meatwad tells shake to lick the door knob. So, shake does as he is licking Frylock comes. Frylock tells him to stop and thats not how to make a mucos monster. He tells them they need a grill to heat the spit. Shake calls frylock cheap for not buying the george foreman grill, instead he has a grill made of wood. Frylock says you have to rub sticks to start a fire Shake doesn't have the time to rub sticks so he shows meatwad and frylock his own grill. He says the best part of the grill is that it isn't supposed to be in this country. Shake doesnt know how to work the grill. After a min a giant beam of light comes from the sky right on the grill. Frylock ask about the light, shake then takes a hotdog on a telephone and sticks it near the light all of a sudden it turns black. Shake asks frylock if he wanted his hotdog pink in the center. Frylock says he is not eating it. All of a sudden, carl appears and says i'll eat it. Shake throws the hotdog and it blows up. He asks carl what is he doing on their property. He says he just wanted to know why his door knob is covered in spit. He says he then saw shake and put the 2 together and knew who it was. Meatwad asks how he likes his tubesteak andcarl says in a babe oh yeah!!!! Carl asks if they are grilling shake says no I'm curing cancer, yeah i'm grilling. Carl looks at the beam of the light coming from the sky and notices the clouds are on fire. Shake says don't worry all of a sudden carl is on fire. It cuts to a scene of frylock sleeping and he is sweating, he says man, I told shake not to mess with the air conditioner. Frylock sees shake is messing with it and has it set to 242 degrees. You see the beam of light outside still going. Meadwad tells frylock not to go outside he throws a pan outside and it explodes. Shake forgot to turn off the grill and everything outside looks like its melting. Frylock says its putting a hole in the o-zone and tells shake to turn it off. Shake says fine I had to use the pool anyways. As, he walks by it his float he is in pops and you see both their and carls house is melting and the pool is melted. shake turns red and runs to the house. Meat wad and shake think rubbing cream cheese on them selfs will help but frylock gets pissed and says just turn the grill off they go outside. All of a sudden a tidal wave comes a frylock floats off away from it as it swallows everything. When the tidal wave goes down a little you see a polar bear is eating meatwad. Frylock relizes that it is a melted polar cap. The water starts to boil and you see the grill is still on. Carl is shown in his house trying to save some of his fathers amateur porn videos as the house is flooded. Fylock goes to turn it off but it burns his fry. Meatwad by this point is just a little hunk of meat. You find ou the grill had a nuclear core in it and shake says that why it was illegal. As the 3(meatwad,frylock and shake) are talking, a loud noise it heard when the 3 look over you see the spit monster is alive and wants to know who bought the grill they say shake. He says thanks now he can live and take over the planet. We have A shot of earth is shown with voice saying 12 year later. The light of the beam is still going and it shoots in to space and blows up a space ship I think it was supposed to be one of the 2 aliens groups that are in many episodes.We see all guys( carl, shake, and frylock) being wipped by 2 spit monsters as they spit in to a mini pool to make more men with. When carl says he won't spit anymore two spit monsters bring out a chair with meawad.( who is now the leader of the spitmonsters) Meatwad tells the spitmonsters to congest carl and they do. We then see a shot of shake, frylock and meatwad all in front of a wooden grill, everything that happen with shakes grill was a daydream from shake as he was standing there listining to frylock. shakesays we need to eat our boogers or the spit monsters will take over he says its his job to tell everyone. He then looks at the camera and talks about boogers and how we have to eat them for the sake of our grandchildrens lives.