Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Frylock makes a new dog, named Handbanana, for Meatwad using Make Your Own Dog 1.0. Handbanana turns evil and rapes Carl.

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  • Handbanana

    The Good:

    -Handbanana takes advantage of Carl; it's both disturbing and darkly funny to a point never explored on this show.

    -"Someone delivered some baked goods. How did he know I love baked goods?!"

    -"All I know is 'Ball' and 'Good...' and 'Rape.'"

    -Master Shake and Meatwad play a knitting video game.

    -Spaghetti the dog wears flip-flops.

    -Master Shake is aroused by the dogs having their way with Carl.
  • There\'s noting funny about \"sodomy\", and \"Hand Bannana\" proves just that.

    This episode is disturbing to watch, I don\'t see what\'s so funny about anal ,sure we like to see Carl abused but this is going overboard,this is easily the worst ATHF episode ever and Between \"PDA\" and \"THe Cubing\" this is easily worst than both. Why? Because it reminds you of that sick ass \"Sex in the country\" TV Funhouse beastality segment on SNL when Tom Green hosted way back in 2000.moreless
  • Meatwad makes his own dog named "Handbanana" but then Handbanana turns evil and tries to rape Carl

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was kinda creepy and weird because Meatwad's dog "Handbanana" tries to rape Carl. This episode has a TV-14 rating but I wouldn't recommend younger viewers watching this because it deals with a dog trying to rape Carl and you see Carl's hairy butt. It was very funny when Meatwad used the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" to make his own dog by using Carl's pool. Frylock and Meatwad use Carl's pool to make Meatwad's dog and it worked. It was also very funny that Meatwad named the dog "Handbanana" but then "Handbanana" turns evil and wants to rape Carl. Handbanana tells Carl "Tonight... you" as in he is going to rape him tonight. As weird as it was, it was hilarious when Handbanana was raping Carl. Most of the rape scenes are off-screen and I think only one or two rape scenes are on-screen but it's not that bad for teenagers and if it was that bad, this episode would've gotten a TV-MA rating if that was the case. The ending was hilarious when Carl made his own dog named "Spaghetti" to rape "Handbanana" but they both end up raping Carl. My score was a little low because Handbanana wanting to rape Carl was kinda creepy to me. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9.5/10moreless
  • Tonight... you!

    Handbanana is one of Aqua Teen Hunger Force´s most accomplished episodes (not their best though, the #1 spot is still reserved for The Broodwich). Delirious as always, this story introduces Handbanana, a dog made from Shake´s DNA with an unhealthy attraction towards Carl.

    And then... rape.

    Sodomy wouldn´t ordinarily be a fun subject, but when you see a yellow dog chasing after a half naked Carl, you can´t help but laughing. And since this happens quite often, Handbanana adds up to 11 minutes of nothing but laughing.

    Even though I loved this episode, I´ll have to admit it is not for everyone. Can it be offensive? Absolutely. Maybe a little disgusting? Carl´s naked butt always is. But it is still a creative premise that follows the Aqua Teen´s logic, where two plus two is not necessarily four.

    It can be ball.

    Or good.

    Or rape.moreless
  • Are you kidding me? This is the funniest thing that has ever been presented in any medium anywhere in the history of Earth!!!!!

    I just think about the bizarre yellow dog made from the DNA of Shake's hand, saying "" to Carl in a very menacing but hushed brutish tone and I go insane with laughter. The kind of mind that could conceive of this whole scenario has got to be the most devolved comedic genius sort. Granted the whole male on male rape thing is a bit disturbing, but quite often the best comedy involves victimhood, i.e. slapstick, etc. I find myself laughing out loud at random moments during the day when the thought of the little cartoon dog having his way with the thuggish New Jerseyite enters my mind.moreless
Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

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    • Hand Banana: Keep it up Carl. I might just haul you off!
      Carl: (Stares at Hand Banana) Heh! He's pretty funny!

    • (Frylock sees why the experiment won't work)
      Frylock: Oh, you're supposed to add DNA.
      Meatwad: What's a DNA?
      Carl: It stands for "Do Not Enter my Pool... Assman".

    • Hand Banana: (To Carl, sinisterly)!
      Carl: (After a moment) Heh heh heh! What d'ya think he means, "Tonight, you"? It's like he's threatening me or something.

    • Shake: What are ya talking about, tubs?

    • Carl: See, you don't know what rape is like. For years, I thought it was funny. Oh yeah! Rape's so funny. Until you've been raped. You're about to find out what that's like, Handbanana
      Handbanana: Hey, let's think about this.
      Carl: Oh, we're done thinking. Cause see, everything I think, you're there. Haunting my dreams.
      Handbanana: Come on now, I can be good.
      Carl: No, see I don't think that you can.

    • Carl: Handbanana, I want you to meet The Enforcer.
      Spaghetti: I want my name to be Spaghetti.
      Carl: All right, Spaghetti. Whatever, I don't care. Just, you know, just do what I tell you.
      Spaghetti: What the hell are you lookin' at?
      Carl: I'm your father. I just made you.
      Spaghetti: I got your father right here! Heheheh. I got your daddy!
      Carl: All right, enough talkin' with the dogs here..

    • Spaghetti: I don't know.. I'm done with that. Somethin' about you though.. It just seems like we click or something. Feels comfortable. You know what I'm saying?
      Carl: Uh, well, yeah... I mean, I don't know about that.. I did create you from some of them weird hairs, you know, that grow out of the bottom of my feet..
      Spaghetti: Wow, I got those too! You're like the only other person that I heard of that got those! Hey, we got a lot in common here. ...I'm gonna rape you!
      Carl: No, please! Spaghetti no!

    • Carl: Oh man. That is a load off my mind. Knowing that rapist is gone. Man, feel good out here. Might just..get nude! Heheheh. Shine some sun where the sun don't shine, you know what I mean?! Heheheh ...long past the point of carin' on this

    • Frylock: Carl, do me a favor and spit in that pool.
      Carl: Oh, you mean "MY" pool?
      Meatwad: Oh, is this your pool?
      Carl: Yeah, it is.
      Meatwad: Can I go swimming?
      Carl: No, you may not.
      Master Shake: How about if I swim in it?
      Carl: No.
      Meatwad: Do you mind if we make a dog in it?
      Carl: Yeah, I do mind very much if that's cool.
      Master Shake: Yeah, he does mind.
      Frylock: You haven't been usin' it!
      Carl: That's not the point!
      Master Shake: He's going to very soon!
      Carl: Just cause I haven't been using it doesn't mean like.. "Here, turn it into a dog laboratory"!

    • Meatwad: There's Handbanana. Good boy!
      Carl: Oh, he's not a boy anymore. He's a man... 'CAUSE HE JUST RAPED ME!
      Handbanana: Do you think you could back that up?
      Carl: Listen to this guy. "Could back that up", I got bruises to prove it!
      Handbanana: No, I mean that ass... back it up. (Laughs sinisterly)
      Carl: You hear what he's saying?!
      Handbanana: Sounds like someone wants to get raped again.

    • Carl: What the hell? No, no, no, bad boy. Bad boy! You live over there. Go, go back to the freaks!
      Handbanana: Who you callin' "boy"? My name's Handbanana.
      Carl: What? You talkin' to me here?
      Handbanana: No, not anymore... (Shuts the door) We're done talking.
      Carl: Hang on, let me bend over and pick this thing up here. (Handbanana jumps on Carl's rear and starts to hump and butt rape Carl) Handbanana, NO!

    • Carl: You ever been raped by a dog?
      Meatwad: No.
      Carl: See, I think that's what Hell's like. Constantly raped by dogs. I don't know if I believe God... but, I think he must hate me.
      Frylock: Carl!
      Carl: 'Cause he allowed you to create a dog that constantly rapes me!

    • Frylock: Come on, Carl. He hasn't even been here one day. How could he possibly learn the English language?
      Hand Banana: (to Carl) See, all I know is ball and good... and RAPE!

    • Frylock: Come on Shake, no one wants to see that! Go to your room!
      Shake: I don't have a room!

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