Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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When hypno-germs invade Shake's brain, they force him to do a number of insane things. Frylock uses Mexican jumping beans to combat the germs in Shake's head with a theatrical spectacular!

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  • Hypno-Germ

    The Good:

    -"I don't even know Charles Branson!"

    -When Pancho asks his friend to spin the nose hair into gold, his friend shoots him.

    -"...but fortunately for her, she turned into the Incredible Hulk!"

    The Bad:

    -Spacecataz is about two seconds long.

    -The hypno-germs are not great villains, because they spend very little time interacting with the Aqua Teens. Previous villains have played important roles in the episodes, but a lot of the humor came from the Aqua Teens' reactions to them.

  • It started out excellent and then it got weaker as this episode kept going

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". Not the best episode I've ever seen and the writing in this episode could have been better but it was overall great. Frylock does a research on the toilet and sees that there are Hypno-Germs on the toilet seat. The Hypno-Germs invade Shake's head and they make him do insane things. Frylock puts Mexican jumping beans inside Shake's head to get rid of the Hypno-Germs. This episode started out excellent and then got weaker from the middle til' the end. The first half was Shake doing insane things because of the Hypno-Germs and the second half is the Mexican jumping beans inside Shake's head trying to get the Hypno-Germs out of there. It was weird and much more weaker when the Mexican jumping beans and the Hypno-Germ were doing a theatrical play. It was gross and weird when the Mexican jumping bean was using the Hypno-Germs nose hair to climb up to the tower and then it also got a little violent which disturbed a little but not too much since this show is violent. I laughed at a few parts in the first half but the only time I laughed at the second half was the very ending when Meatwad was forming into a spider. Overall, not the best episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but it was overall great. 8/10moreless
  • It starts out great, then something awful happens.

    The first five minutes of this episode contain some of the most hilarious moments starring Shake of the entire show. Master Shake gets infected with "Hypno-Germs" from a toilet bowl, and he begins to hallucinate, talking to the wall in his house, a filing cabinet and a basketball. Meatwad and Frylock watch as Shake's disillusions continue. About halfway through this episode you will be laughing hysterically.

    Then something awful happens. The Hypno-Germs put on a "play" inside Shake's brain, which takes up the entire other half of the episode. It is, ironically, compared to the first half, some of the blandest humor in all of ATHF. It is painful to watch not only because it's so awful but it ruined the beginning of the episode. So you end up torn between both halves, but it's all one episode. Very bittersweet. I give it a 5 because of this. 10 points for the first half, -5 for the last.

    Trust me, it's terrible. I haven't met anyone who liked the "Hypno-Germ" play. Of all the episodes in ATHF, this one always bothers me because I love the first half so much. I wish they'd take that part, splice out the stupid 2nd part and try to finish it again. That's how bad it is.moreless
  • It was pretty good in the beginning, but then it just went downhill from there.

    The very beginning of the episode was pretty funny. Shake gets infected with Hypno-Germs from a toilet seat at a gas station. He starts to hallucinate all sorts of things. The wall talks to him. So does a filing cabinet and a basketball. Of course Frylock and Meatwad can't see any of this because it's not really there, so they just look at Shake as if he's gone crazy. They give him some Mexican jumping-beans to get rid of the Hypno-Germs.

    This is where the episode starts to stink. The Hypno-Germs and the Mexican jumping-beans put on a horrible play inside Shake's brain. The only other funny part is that at the end the Hypno-Germs leave Shake and infect Frylock, so he starts hallucinating. It ends there. In my opinion it is the worst episode ever. The first time I saw it , I thought maybe I missed an important part because I had no clue what was going on. This is why I only gave it a 4. The play was so horrible that if they left it out and didn't change anything else, I would at least have given it a 7. When you watch it on DVD just watch the beginning and end. It will make more sense like that.moreless
  • This episode is a definate crash and burn

    There are 2 episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force I just plain don't like...."Rabot" which because it was the first episode it was underdeveloped and this one here. The episode started like a funny enough episode until the have way point....then it was all a play with the Hypno-germs and the Mexican Jumping Beans that Frylock uses to heal Shake......but all the jokes in this part misfire so bad it was painful to watch.....sad to see a potentially good episode distroyed.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • If you watch the TV while Shake is getting yelled at by Frylock to come here, you can see he's watching the Spacecataz openers as one long strip.

    • When Shake is standing out in the middle of the street, you'll notice that he has a lot of objects from previous episodes on his person. Some things include Enchiladitos dust on his mouth from Super Bowl and Meatwad's Brushed Nickel Colander from Super Spore with a few other items.

    • When Shake is in the middle of the road, you can see Carl's car go behind him, along with hearing Carl yell "Jackass!" Despite this, we never see Carl in this episode.

    • This is the first episode not to censor the word asshole.

    • When Shake yells at the filing cabinet to, "Get in here," the subtitles say, "Get out here."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Meatwad: Who's the asshole now?

    • Frylock: Shake, who are you talking to?
      Shake: Are you serious? Hey, tell him who I'm talking to! (Hallunciates a face on the wall talking)
      Face: He was talking to the basket ball. What the f***?

    • Meatwad: (Looking at Shake, standing in the middle of the road.) Hey I got two questions. One, what's he doing now, and two, should we set him on fire?

    • Master Shake: Ladies and Gentleman, let's hear it for Tulip Sniper!
      Tulip Sniper: Thank you, thank you very much. Die! Die, all of you!

    • Narrator: Donna's heart was shattered.
      Donna: No, Poncho! No!
      Narrator: Fortunately for her, she turned into the Incredible Hulk. But not the Marvel Comic Hulk, a totally different Hulk that we made up.
      Donna: Hulk mad!!

    • Poncho: Listen, we're gonna battle your dad, mang, ok? You gotta tell him to lay off, please, ok?
      Donna: But I don't ever see him... mang.

    • Narrator: And that was the last Donna ever saw of Poncho, for two weeks later- he met a younger, more illegal bean - who wasn't in prison and she bore him many children, and sued his ass for custody of them.

    • Poncho: You must grow your hair... and then... you know, we do something with it... something crazy you know?

    • Shake: Mind controoooool! You gotta have mind controooool. If you wanna take control of your miiiiiiind! Damn! Thank you!

    • The Basketball: Time? Time is an illusion. The only time now is party time. Are we clear?

  • NOTES (2)

    • A lot of names credited in this episode are fake. Since the show is a non-SAG operation done in Atlanta, GA, sometimes SAG actors have to use an alias so they don't get caught. Due to this, credit cannot be given to any of the people involved, since the show's creators have refused to give out the real credits to any of the names.

    • Though it's highly suspect, rumor has it part of this episode was based off a "bad trip" Dave Willis had in Mexico. What kind of trip? You figure it out.