Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 08, 2002 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Shake and Meatwad are having a debate over whether or not plaque is a real problem for teeth. Meatwad doesn't believe Shake for a second, so he sets off to Frylock's room to search the internet and prove his point.
After searching and then threatening to stab Meatwad's mouth shut and chop him with an axe, a pop-up ad comes up and Shake clicks on it. This causes more to pop up, and Shake continues to click on them. Eventually, the situation gets so out of control that the ads cause Frylock's computer to crash - while pop-ups continue to appear throughout the house.
Frylock arrives home shortly thereafter to find what Shake has done; he pulls the phone line and then the power goes off, which brings the internet Wizard to the Aqua Teens' house. Frylock wants to know what's going on, and is challenged by the Wizard to enter the internet.
Once inside, Frylock is bombarded with more pop-up ads and sees them cause even more damage as Carl, who has subscribed to the Wizard's service, has had his bedroom covered with pop-up ads and can't get to his bathroom. Frylock demands to see the Wizard's supervisor, which causes the Wizard to simply put on a goatee and pose as the supervisor himself.
Frylock is presented with two choices: Agree to the service arrangements, or not. Frylock naturally chooses not to agree, but doesn't read it in full and finds out that he'll be prompted again in 90 days to make a choice. He decides to take Shake and Meatwad to live in the woods away from technology for that period of time, only to find that Shake has a wireless internet connection that streams pop-up ads.