Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 3 Episode 8

Mooninites 4: Moon Master

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Mooninites 4: Moon Master

Meatwad has a new video game to play. Upon beating it, the Mooninites drop in to crown him the Moon Master and call on him to help them defeat a great foe.

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  • Mooninites 4: Moon Master

    The Good:

    -"It's a new game called 'Ant Madness.' Only this time, the game is real! Can you handle it?!" "Deliciously."

    -"Err, please stop fueling my silent rage."

    -" night he feeds." "And it's always night on the Moon!" "Don't fuck with me, Err."

    -"He said, 'No,' Err. With his foot."

    The Bad:

    -The Mooninites seem tamer than they were in season one. Most of the jokes don't revolve around them anyway; they revolve around the selling of the bogus, Moon Master merchandise.moreless
  • Meatwad passes the third level of the Mooninites video game and the Mooninites drop in to crown Meatwad the moon master

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force". This episode definitely made me laugh very hard. Meatwad plays the Mooninites video game and passes the third level of the video game. Apparently, the third level is impossible to beat and only true moon masters can beat level three. The Mooninites saw that Meatwad passed level three of the Mooninites video game and they crown Meatwad the moon master. Since Meatwad is the moon master, he must train to defeat the Mooninites' foe Gorgotron. It was hilarious when the Mooninites gave Meatwad a crown and trained him to defeat his foe. It was also very funny that Shake also passed level three and is crowned the moon master. Carl coming up at the end of the episode with the moon master crown was also hilarious. Meatwad, Shake, and Carl wait for Gorgotron to come to Earth to defeat him but he never showed up and he was actually at the Mooninites' planet. The very ending was hilarious when the Mooninites ran into Gorgotron. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 10/10moreless
  • A huge dissapointment...

    A huge disappointment...

    First of all, this episode is called "Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning", not "Moon Master"

    This was actually a very good and very funny episode. The reason I call it "Out of character" and a "disappointment" is because this episode is called The Final Mooning. This means that it is more than likely, well, the final mooning. The Mooninites are going on to their own show called Spacecataz, and probably won't be on aqua teen much, if at all anymore.

    This episode has no aspects of a Mooninite episode. No finger, no Mooninite Song during the credits, and no Quad Laser. The only way this is like a Mooninites episode is that the Mooninites are trying to scam Meatwad. Aside from what I just said, this is a great episode

    Here's what this episode is about:

    Meatwad finds a game called "MoonMaster" under his pillow (Thanks to the game fairy). Upon beating level three of this extremely easy game, the Mooninites enter. They can't believe Meatwad made it past level three. They tell him they distributed this game to find a real MoonMaster to help them defeat the real Gorgotron. They tell Meatwad to do this, he has to buy everything in their catalog and get 50 others to do the same.

    My favorite Quote:

    Meatwad: You messed up the Lunar Scepter, there is but one in the galaxy. Well, good thing I bought the three pack.

    My Rating:

    Story: 4/5

    Jokes: 4/5

    -2 for no finger or Quad Laser

    Overall: 6/10

C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve (2001-2003)

Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Schoolly D

Schoolly D


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Ignignokt: He said, "No," Err, with his foot.

    • Ignignokt: Err, please stop fueling my silent rage.

    • Meatwad: (to Shake) Hey,hey! Yeah you. Where is my high-powered video game console? I will kick some ass if I do not find it.

    • Ignignokt: Shutup,Err. I'm in conrtol of this conversation.
      Frylock: .......Well I'm waiting.

    • Shake: I told myself I wasn't going to, but you've been very good this week, so I upgraded it with these special chips. (Throws food-stuffed Atari on the ground) Meatwad: Hey. (Eats a cookie sticking out of the Atari) Them's chocolate chips. Shake: Yeah. And them's ants. It's a new game called "Ant Madness"! Only this time the game is real! Can you handle it?

    • Game: He's in love! Shoot him in the head! (Meatwad makes Moon Master shoot him in the head) Nice shot! Rampage! Killing Spree! You have mastered Moon Master!

    • Shake: I am the master and the commander!

    • Shake: (Trying to get Frylock to sign) Here, just give me an example of your signature.

    • Shake: What's it called? Anal-Blazer? Cause that's what you like to play, over and over, don't you. You know how to play it? I'll tell you. Level one's in a truckstop filled with lonely truckers! Level two's in a public restroom along the highway.
      Shake & Frylock: Shake!
      Meatwad: (Meatwad gives up $2 for Shake knowing what Frylock would say) Aww. Aww, man! You won already, what you going to do?
      Shake: I rule... your world!

  • NOTES (1)


    • A Hard Day's Night

      Master Shake: You will learn the values of a hard day's night.

      A Hard Day's Night is the name of a Beatles song and movie.

    • Unreal Tournament

      Moon Master Announcer: Head shot! Rampage! Killing Spree!
      These three phrases are yelled by the announcer in the Unreal Tournament computer game series when the player achieves a shot in the head, 10 consecutive kills (without dying) and 5 consecutive kills (also without dying) respectively.

    • The Last Starfighter
      The idea of sending a game out to find the greatest warriors is a parody of the film.

    • Star Trek

      Ignignokt: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one! And if you think I got that from Star Trek, you are very wrong!
      This line is said by Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.