Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 7 Episode 12

One Hundred

Aired Unknown May 02, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Frylock is upset with the number "100" that could mean something bad will happen. The number "100" then appears to the Aqua Teens and demands them to give him what he wants.

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  • One Hundred

    The Good:

    -"...I don't like the men in that, but I like the baby."

    -"Hundredth episode? Aqua Teen? What's that?"

    -"Who's this bitch?"

    -"Everything you say bores us, you know what I mean?"

  • 100th episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

    I thought that this was an excellent 100th episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". That's right, it's the 100th episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It also means that this is the last episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" since they changed the name to "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" for Season 8. Season 8 is will be "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1". This episode even tells you how they changed the name. Frylock sees the number 100 and he thinks that something bad will happen but they found out that it was just a 100th episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". The last 4 minutes of so of the episode being a Scooby-Doo parody was absolutely hilarious. Carl's cameo appearance when he was in the Scooby-Doo world or something like that was also funny. Meatwad being Scooby-Doo was funny and I forget the name but Meatwad is "Meaty Meat Moo". The entire 100th episode was just absolutely hilarious. The number 100 after the Aqua Teen Hunger Force who will now be "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" was funny. Dana Snyder (who voices as Shake) voiced as himself in this episode and it was hilarious. Overall, an excellent 100th episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". This show is still the same though, it just has the same title, that's the only difference... Good-bye "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", Hello "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1"... I actually that it's cool name for Season 8. 10/10moreless
  • ATHF hits syndication! ...wait -

    Fantastic milestone episode that satirizes the syndication. (AKA a show reaching 100 episodes) The episode begins with Frylock trying to unravel a conspiracy theory regarding the number 100 in an hysterically stupid parody of "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Number 23" that ends up including the great George "Tad Ghostal" Lowe. At the same time, Shake goes to the network executives demanding that sweet syndication money - only to find out the network considers the 100 episodes to be 50 half-hour episodes. Thus, screwing Shake out of his payday. But Shake isn't the only one pissed off. The actual Number 100 shows up demanding "The Episode!" The Aqua Teen's reality is shattered, and they run away from the Number 100 into a skewed version of the "Scooby Doo" universe where Meatwad becomes the character "Meaty Meaty Moo" who does not like the fact that he's only allowed to say his name in exposition. They run from some "Bayou Monster" until Frylock finally has enough and rips of the monster's mask - revealing it to be the Number 100 all along! And he "would have gotten away with it too" if he "had not failed!" (LMFAO) the story wraps up with the Number 100 dragging the character-composite of Daphne/Velma into the woods crying to do unspeakable acts. Or so it seems. Then the episode pauses and Dana Snyder pitches the idea of the "Sooby Doo/Aqua Teen spinoff to the network who are highly unenthused. Add to this an appearance early on by Dana Snyder coming out of Shake's body to chew out the network, and you have one of the more creative episodes of ATHF ever. This season ended very strong to me - with the last four episodes of the season (starting with "Multiple Meat") being an insane hodepodge of the brilliantly dumb and random. Kudos to ATHF for a really good homage to almost syndiacation!moreless

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