Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 5 Episode 1

Robots Everywhere

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 20, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When the Aqua Teens are chased out of their house, Carl eventually tries to sell it. A slew of robots move in and their annoying ways get to Carl as he does everything in his power to stop them.

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  • Robots Everywhere

    Picking up presumably where the movie left off, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" enters its fifth season with Carl trying to sell his former neighbors' house. To his chagrin, the vampire/landlord gives the house to a group of obnoxious robots. The level of disturbing, dark humor has lowered in this first episode, but fortunately the strange and unusual are right back to normal.

    The Good:

    -"Your wife's pretty hot. How much do you make a year?"

    -"How much is the house; please say a very low number."

    -"Carl, have you seen the deadbeats around? You know, the food?"

    -Carl suggests playing 'Count the Bullets,' shoots the robots, and the robots actually do count them.

    The Bad:

    -Where are the Aqua Teens?!moreless
  • Seriously? Why did this episode get bad reviews? there was absolutely nothing wrong with this episode

    Okay, I don't understand why this episode got bad reviews. It was very funny and this episode was definitely all about Carl. Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad are NOT in this episode so unless you don't like an episode where Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad absent then I understand that but I wouldn't understand the rest. There was a Season 2 episode called "Carl" but honestly, this episode should've been called "Carl". In the episode "Carl", Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad DO appear in that episode but in this episode "Robots Everywhere", they DON'T appear in this episode. It was an excellent episode that focused on Carl. An episode that is all about Carl when Carl tries to sell ATHF's house until a bunch of robots shot the couples and annoy Carl. The robots taking over the house was very funny. It was hilarious when Carl was talking to his mom on the phone. The robots annoying Carl was also very funny. I also thought the ending was hilarious when Carl was shooting the robots. Overall, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad) may have been absent in this episode but the writers made an excellent CARL episode. 10/10moreless
  • This was just horrible!I have never been this bored watching anything!

    Where do I start?Well for one the aqua teens aren't even in this episode.Then it is just Carl and a whole bunch of robots that constantly reproduce.I knew the series was not doing so well but this is just sickening.I give this a zero because I have absolutely no desire to see this again whatsoever.If you are a die hard aqua teen fan like I am you can tell that it just is not the aqua teen we know and love.They honestly should have kept this on the video game.I beg Matt and Dave to never do this again to such a great show.moreless
  • Pointless 10 minutes

    Id never seen an episode of Aqua teen hunger force before and after hearing a lot of good thing about this show i decided to watch my first epsidoe to see what all the fuss was about.All i have to say is what the hell is this show about.It claims to be about Meatwad frylock adn shake three genetically enhanced foods that fight crime and live together which i find both strange and poitnless.But in this epsidoe the only good thing about the show the weird foods want even in it .It was just 10 minutes of Carl there neighbour begin weird.To me this was a pointless 10 minutes of jibberiss.moreless
  • I bought the video game so I saw the episode.

    Ever since this episode came out being on the Aqua Teen Hunger force video game(Zombi ninja pro am)it has gotten bad reviews. This is mostely because the Aqua teen isnt in it. The main character of this episode is Carl. After the Aqua teen is dragged away Carl tries to sell there house. He meets a couple who are then killed by robots. These robots then move in.they annoy Carl more and more until it leads him to try to kill them. He trys to kill them(even going thru the credits)with a giant gun. I give this episode a 7.8 rating.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This is the first episode that the Aqua Teens are not in (besides the theme song and end credits).

    • The father robot jumps onto of and dents the roof of Carl's car. But a few seconds later, Carl and the roof of his car are shown, and the roof is still intact.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Markula: Carl, have you seen the deadbeats around? You know...the food?

    • Carl : Well you know...two people were murdered here!
      Robot Husband: Yeah, we know; we killed them.

    • Robot Wife: How much is the house? Please say a very low number.

    • Carl: They ain't got no bathroom here, but they got a hole in the plywood that goes all the way down to the crawlspace, and there is plenty of room down there. Uh, they got this old pizza here to block off the aroma.

    • Frylock's Answering Machine: Hi, this is Frylock. I'm not able to answer your call right now, because I'm currently being cocooned by military spiders in a cave in the Majavi Desert. At the sound of the tone--
      Shake: "At the sound of the tone"? Wouldn't it just be at the tone?
      Frylock: Shut up, Shake. I like to be thorough!

    • Carl: (On the phone with his mother) Hey, Ma it's Carl. How are you doing? Oh Ma, I'm thinking of packing my bags and planning a trip to that dark dismal VA hospital you live at. Oh no, Ma I'll bring a cot, I won't lay in bed with you. I, uh, just need a change of scenery, ya know, and I'd love to see my favorite woman. (Mother starts arguing with him). What do you mean tomorrow's physical therapy? It's Carl, your son. Yeah, the one with the mustache! Oh is that right? Well, you to, you bitch!

    • Carl: Hey, you got any kids? If I were married to her (laughs) WE'D BE POPPING 'EM OUT!
      Man: We have two monkeys.
      Carl: Yeah that might be a problem.

    • Carl: This house has a high price.
      Robot Husband: Yeah, well we have nothing, and you're gonna like it.

  • NOTES (2)