Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Jan 27, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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When a trio of sirens move in, their wanton songs pique Carl's attention.

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  • Sirens

    The Good:

    -"I don't like sports; no one does."

    -John Kruk is a siren.

    -"...And I still use that battery..."

    -Carl dances. It's ridiculous.

    -"I found these nipples in the sewers; is anyone you know missing any nipples?"
  • The Sirens' wanton songs pique for Carl's attention when they moved in

    Okay, this is the second Season 5 "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" episode that Frylock, Shake, and Meatwad were absent in this episode. Just like "Robots Everywhere", this is just a CARL episode where it's just all about Carl and the things he does alone. "Robots Everywhere" worked when it was just CARL but in this CARL episode, it didn't work too much. I gave this a great score because I didn't think it was bad at all. I didn't laugh very hard like I usually do in the ATHF episodes but there were like two scenes but I would one scene made me laugh mildly and the other scene just gave me a chuckle. Some of the parts in this episode were boring though and I did not enjoy Carl cutting off his nipples... this episode is TV-MA so I would understand why the writers gave this episode that rating. The ending was kind of funny though. Carl trying to get close to the girl sirens because they are beautiful was pretty entertaining as well... not funny but just entertaining. Overall, a great ATHF episode that only has CARL but "Robots Everywhere" was a better CARL episode in my opinion. 8/10moreless
  • Seen every episode at LEAST twice. It is sad, I'm addicted. Season 5 has been a disappointment thus far.

    As a fan who has liked 90% of the episodes and has seen every episode at least twice, I'm sorry to say that this episode (and the previous in season 5)is not one of their better shows. Carl as the dominate character has worked before (in the Bart Oats episode for instance), but wasn't effective this time. Some of the material I thought was recycled though as well. "I have so many stats to throw at you" said to the sports star. The writers /actors have been so innovative in their comedic lines before that it's pretty lame when you have to repeat yourself in a show that only has 10 minute long episodes. I've noticed that before in the show, eg: Im going to ruin this house with my anger/I'm going to ruin this bird with my anger! Awesome the first time..reaching the second. Missing the Aqua Teen trio does suck anus as well. I mean, you might as well paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac, and call yourself banana-man, because that's what your doing!moreless
  • Note to writers: Don't make another ATHF episode without the main 3 ever again.

    Another Carl based episode, which should be good right? WRONG: This episode is a piece of crap. There are 3 problems with this episode.

    1. No Aqua Teens-It's already in the summary, but without them, can you call it a "real" ATHF episode. Not really.

    2. Annoying Robots-There's a difference between funny annoying and annoying while being unfunny and it's the latter. The robots were destructive in the house, but it wasn't entertaining or funny, it's boring really, it's been done to death, and doesn't have any wow factor to it. It falls so flat that it's simply not cool seeing them be what they are. In short, it's nearly unwatchable.

    3. Jokes-The jokes were mostly predictable and stale. They don't have the weight that makes ATHF so popular in the 1st place. None of it is new or fresh, and Carol was barely funny, but the robots were not funny at all.

    I hope the rest of this new season gets better, because if there are more episodes like this, Season 5 will be the worst season yet.moreless
  • Seriously? John Kruk? What genius pulled off this casting idea?

    Amazing. I wouldn't have thought this show could be this good without the "Food" but the drop of John Kruk as a siren had me hitting the rewind button on my dvr remote immediately. If you hadn't heard about his appearance he had to be the least likely person you would expect to be a siren. I hope Shake, Meatwad and Frylock come back soon, but I could definitely take another Carl episode as long as Marcula makes an appearance. There was even some continuity with the last episode with the puddle of corpse made by the robots and the gas leak still in full force.moreless
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John Kruk

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