Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 2 Episode 10

Super Trivia

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Sep 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Sick of losing every week at team trivia to his arch enemy, Wayne the Brain, Frylock decides to up his game. He subjects Shake and Meatwad to his special kind of tutoring and drags Carl along for the ride.

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  • Super Trivia

    The Good:

    -Dr. Weird makes his butt talk.

    -Meatwad wants to put 'The Backstreet Boys' as every answer.

    -"Hey, Carl, can I get...give me your celery?" "No, I need it for fiber. I have problems!"

    -"She's with me, stop looking at her."
  • Seth MacFarlane guest stars in this episode as the voice as Wayne "The Brain" McClain

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was very funny for the most part and very enjoyable. The humor was clever, original, and wacky. The characters were all fantastic here. Also, Seth MacFarlane (the creator of "Family Guy", "American Dad", and "The Cleveland Show") guest stars in this episode as the voice of Wayne "The Brain" McClain who happens to always win the trivia game at the bar. Meatwad answering every question to The Backstreet Boys in the beginning of the episode was very funny. Meatwad drinking a pitcher of beer was also hilarious. Frylock getting frustrated that Wayne "The Brain" McClain (Seth MacFarlane) always wins the trivia game at the bar and drags Shake, Meatwad, and Carl to the trivia game at the bar was funny. Frylock tying up Meatwad and Shake and forcing to watch some things for them to know at the trivia game was funny. Carl's part in this episode was absolutely hilarious especially when he came up with the team name "The One Eye With Two Ballsacks" (or something close to that). The trivia game scenes were making me laugh very hard. It turned out that Wayne "The Brain" McClain (Seth MacFarlane) created the bar and all that which seemed lame to me and was the reason why my score is a tad low. Everything in this episode was excellent except for the ending. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 9.5/10moreless
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This is a really funny episode. Shake and meatwad are actually smart. There smarter then Frylock.

    Frylock, Shake and Meatwad go to bar every tuesday to play a game. The winner gets $50 for the bar. They never win. Wayne always wins. Frylock has an idea. He makes Shake and Meatwad sit infont of the computer watching everything in the universe. They get really smart, except Frylock forgets to put in sports. So Frylock goes to Carl's house. He gets Carl to come with them to the bar to answer the sports questions. He agree's to. Shake and Meatwad answer all the questions right, but so does Wayne. There on the last question, but it's a fake question. Wayne gets it and wins. Frylock asks why Wayne gets all the questions right. He says that he makes the whole bar with his mind so he can meet girls. He makes the bar disappear. Frylock asks why he just doesn't make his own girlfriend. Wayne does and he goes away.

    I give this episode a 9.6 out of 10.moreless
Ned Hastings

Ned Hastings

Trivia Host

Guest Star

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Wayne "The Brain" McClain

Guest Star

C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Carl: So, uh...when we doing the sports part here?
      Frylock: (Really pissed off) We're not. We didn't. It's over. We lost. Did your ass get enough wings?!
      Carl: (Points to a table full of scraps) Uh, you tell me. Does this look like I got enough? Meatwad: Hey, Carl. Can I...Give me your celery.
      Carl: No, I need it for fiber. (Short pause) I HAVE PROBLEMS!

    • Meatwad: You got bad zits.
      Wayne: I got those on purpose.

    • Meatwad: Hey, Frylock! Get me a pitcher of beer.
      Frylock: I will not! You're not old enough to drink.
      Meatwad: Pssh, you don't know everything. If you did, we wouldn't be losing right now
      Frylock: We wouldn't be losing right now if you didn't put down Backstreet Boys on half our answers!
      Meatwad: Look, my gut tells me Backstreet, and that's where my brain is...with my guts. They is roomates, but sometimes they don't get along too well, you know they is always arguing about the bills.

    • Owner of the Bar: And in second place, with 25 points, the Backstreet Boys.
      Meatwad: (Happily) They're here?! Where are they?
      Frylock: (Pissed off) That's what you named us.
      Meatwad: Oh.

    • Shake: The answer is Benmark!
      Frylock: Benmark?
      Shake: It's a subcountry under Denmark. I think you might have heard of it.

    • Wayne: All the questions are mearly illusions created by Wayne. Just like this booth; Ned Hastings, our host; and the hot, moist meat on your friend's wings.
      Frylock: So that's why he never gets full!
      Wayne: Well, he's a glutton. And that bill is very real, you need to pay me right now.

    • Frylock: Why don't you make yourself a girlfriend if your brain is so damn advanced! (A girl appears)
      Wayne: Well, I did.
      Frylock: Good, then go.
      Wayne: Well, I will. (He leaves)
      Frylock: And take your damn girlfriend.
      Wayne: I will, she's with me, stop looking at her.

    • Ned Hastings: For ten points: When traveling at a subsonic speed during the last one hour of hypersleep, which vector of the Romulan nebula will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening? And for extra points, how many wraths till the nearest molton? Be specific, this is a real question.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Star Trek
      Wayne's huge brain and ability to create physical illusions is a parody of the Talosians from the original series.

    • A Clockwork Orange
      The scene where Frylock forces Meatwad and Shake eyes open to read all of the world's information on his giant DVD is a spoof on the rehabilitation scene from the film.

    • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
      Shake: It's like the Rime of the Marinade happening all over again.
      The actual story Shake is refering to is "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." In the story, the title character kills an Albatross and hangs it around his neck.