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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary


After Shake's antics finally push him too far, Frylock leaves the Aqua Teens' house. Without Frylock around to hold him back, Shake lays waste to the house and tortures Meatwad. Carl too soon feels the effects of not having Frylock around.

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  • THE

    The Good:

    -Dr. Weird's awkward, "Ho ho."

    -"We never had a fireplace." "We never used it!" "We never HAD one!" "Well, I never liked it."

    -"...My eyes have closed completely now, and the Police do not care. So, if you can see a phone please hit 9-1-1."

    The Bad:

    -It would be great if the Mooninites were a bigger part of the episode.
  • Frylock moves out of the house when Shake pushes him WAY too far

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". I wouldn't call it "the funniest episode ever made" like the other reviews have been saying and I don't give it a 10 like the other reviews have but this episode was overall great. It's okay if you thought this episode was perfect but this episode needed some improvement in my opinion and it wasn't my favorite episode. Frylock moves out of the house when Shake pushed him WAY too far and it was Frylock's last straw since he can't stand living with Shake anymore. So Frylock moves out of the house only leaving Shake and Meatwad at the house. There were some funny parts though. Carl's part in this episode was pretty funny. Frylock getting his own place was also pretty cool. Meatwad being splattered all over the wall was funny. The funniest part of this episode was definitely when Frylock was talking to the Mooninites on his computer and he invited them to his party but nobody came to Frylock's party. The Mooninites' role in this episode was short but it sure was the funniest part out of this entire episode. The ending with Shake asking Frylock "Are you coming back?" and then Frylock responding to Shake "Hell no" was a funny way to end the episode. The rest of the episode was just a little boring and kinda uninteresting. Overall, a great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but it's not the funniest episode ever made in my opinion though. 8/10moreless
  • The funniest episode ever made.

    I really loved this episode.It was really one of the funniest episodes that Aqua Teen had ever made.I loved it at the end where Shake's eyes were like really big with all that Turkey pink eyes.I liked it how The Mooninites were messing up Frylock's apartment and Inignot,the Green Mooninite was putting up on this thing with the word FART on it.I loved it when Meatwas kept pressing the mime button and kept splatting all over the place.I also loved it when Shake put a giant hole in the wall and he jacked up Frylock's room with a bunch of garbage.This was a very funny episode.moreless
  • Can also be titled: "The Last Straw!" :idea:

    Master Shake is always trying to find ways to push Frylock's buttons, because that's the one thing the walking, talking, sentient cup is really good at more than anything else in the world. Of course, Frylock tries to be sensible and mature enough to put up with Master Shake day in and day out since Frylock knows there's a chance that evil could come along and force the Aqua Teen Hunger Force to spring into action. But one day, Master Shake finally goes Too far! By covering the whole house with a bunch of turkey juice and littering uncooked turkeys all over the house, the place has become stinky, bug infested, and un-naturally wet. Frylock demands an explanation for Master Shake's behavior, but Master Shake refuses to give him one! So Frylock decides that enough is enough and its time that Master Shake realized just what would happen when Frylock isn't around to save his sorry butt! Master Shake is idiotic enough to believe that Frylock's leaving is the greatest thing to ever happen to him, and soon lets the whole Hunger Force household go to waste by mistreating and/or ignoring Meatwad and the deterioating health of themselves and of Carl! Frylock is intending to wait it out until Master Shake says he is sorry, but Carl calls Frylock first, begging Frylock to solve this mess! Carl gets serious medical attention, while Frylock tries one last time to get Master Shake to apologize! Master Shake does apologize for the situation of the health and admits that the bad air and bugs Might have caused this to happen, but Master Shake refuses to admit he was wrong. So in the end, Frylock decides to let Master Shake suffer regardless of whether or not he ever admits he was wrong. The moral of the story is: Don't ever tick off the Aqua Teen who has the only common sense! :idea: This episode is completely irrelevant (like all good A.T.H.F. episodes should be) and that is why I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • When Shake destroys Frylock's room, Frylock finally decides he's had enough and moves out. Shake doesn't care, but a few days without Frylock around to keep them in check, and Shake, Meatwad, and Carl soon learn how important Frylock really is.moreless

    This is my absolute favorite episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And it pretty much sums up why Frylock is my favorite character. It's easy for the other characters to hog the spotlight: Shake with his crazy antics, Meatwad with his childish stupidity, and Carl with his... unbridled manliness, shall we put it nicely. But Frylock really holds the show--and the other characters--together. Without him to keep Shake in line, the house becomes littered with raw chickens, which give everyone eye infections, there's nothing to eat except shrubs from the yard, and the styrofoam-fueled fires are wreaking havoc on everyone's eyes and lungs. Not to mention the whole house ends up burning down. Yeah, the Aqua Teens and Carl would pretty much be dead without Frylock to take care of them, and this episode shows what a pivotal character he is nicely, without sacrificing any of the usual hilarity.

    It also shows that Frylock can't survive without his degenerate friends either. As a box of french fries, he isn't accepted by the humans in his apartment complex. Who else is going to hang around with him? He gets so desperate he allows the Mooninites to come to his condo-warming party, but all they do is trash the place and steal the food.

    In a surprise twist, so different from the regular TV show adage of having everything back to normal at the end, the conflict is not resolved at all. But of course, next time, everything is back to normal. Maybe Frylock took pity on them...moreless
Jay Edwards

Jay Edwards


Guest Star

C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve

Recurring Role

Schoolly D

Schoolly D


Recurring Role

Matt Maiellaro

Matt Maiellaro


Recurring Role

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    • Shake: Chickens are a vital link in nature's chain and that's why we use them to play chicken-ball in the house! Now if you'll excuse us, you have rudely interrupted our dinner! (Closes door on Frylock)
      Meatwad: What dinner?
      Shake: I don't know. Where is yours? 'Cause this is my mustard!

    • Shake: It's opened up now. I got rid of that stupid fireplace so the room has a flow. You feel it.
      Frylock: We never had a fireplace!
      Shake: Well, we never used it!
      Frylock: We never had one!
      Shake: ...well I never liked it.

    • Carl (via Frylock's answering machine): Hey it's Carl, I don't think I'll make your party, buddy. My, uhh, eyes have closed completely now! And the police do not care. So if you can see your phone, please hit 911. (beep)

    • Shake: Look, I had to do that. You'll understand one day when you're older!
      Frylock: I'll send a crew for my stuff later. See ya.
      Shake: Now I can declare that space as a loss when the taxes are payed in August. Are you listening to me? August is when I do it!
      Meatwad: He's gone.
      Shake: Who cares? Change all the locks!

    • Shake: Now, when we go in there, you have to watch where you step.
      Frylock: And why is that?
      (The side of the house explodes)
      Shake: ...that is part of the reason. Now let's just go in and remember what I said.

    • Frylock: Thanks for moving me Carl.
      Carl: Yeah, well thanks for leaving. When are the other two showing up?
      Frylock: Oh, they're not.
      Carl: What do you mean, "they're not?" 
      Frylock: Oh you didn't know? They're staying back at the house...next to you.
      Carl: That's not exactly what we agreed upon, is it?
      Frylock: Well, I lied. But, here is that candy cane I promised you.
      Carl: No, no, save it for Christmas. Just shove it right back up your ass. I'll see you...never.

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