Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 2 Episode 24

The Last One

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Dec 31, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Several of the Aqua Teens' enemies gather on the moon to plot their next move. After a long while, things don't seem to progress and all that has been managed are the deaths of half the members.
Transcript: [inside a convention hall on the moon]
Major Shake: How did a... How did you get here? Rabbot: 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..0 Major Shake: I came across 190 and then came up the 110 Rabbot: 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..0 Major Shake: This is a... This is asinine. Rabbot: 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..0 Wisdom Cube: Hey Brownie Monsters! Brownie Monsters: Click-Click-Click-Click Wisdom Cube: Ha ha... you guys are weird.
[elsewhere in the convention hall DP, Skeeter, Bingo, Travis of the Cosmos, and Astonishing Randy are standing around while Happy Time Harry is beer bonging a keg]
DP, Skeeter, Bingo, and Travis (through Randy): (Chanting) Drink! Drink! Harry: That's it for this one. Skeeter: He floated it by himself. DP: Dude, my dad bought me that keg. My dad owns a dealership. Travis: (through Randy) His dad own dealership! Harry: Oh yeah? Well my dad bought me this magic talking knife. Travis: (through Randy) Ooh, what it say? What knife say? (Harry stabs Travis and his tentacle pulls out of Randy) Skeeter: Dude, walk away dude, it's not worth it. Randy: Is there a hole back here? Is this.. Is this noticeable? Bingo: (honking) Translated: Try this. It will turn you into a frozen clown. (puts a clown wig on Randy) Randy: Ah yeah! Bingo: (honking) Translated: You have no idea what I'm saying do you dumb ass? Randy: This is great, thank you so much. Bingo: (honking) Translated: You are a dumbass. Randy: I'm gonna look so cool.
[elsewhere in the convention center Mothmonsterman, Oog, Romulox, and The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future are standing and talking]
Mothmonsterman: I bought a house in Belize. Oog: Oh, me always want go there. Mothmonsterman: For.. like.. dirt cheap. Romulox: Belize is a very expensive city. Mothmonsterman: It's a country. Ol' Drippy: Excuse me, is this.. is this the baby shower? I made lemon squares. Mothmonsterman: Mine says, "Sweaters, all you can eat" Cybernetic Ghost: I was in the future. It was too late to RSVP. Wisdom Cube: (to Romulox and Oog) What did you two call each other last night? (laughing) Check that out! Did you hear me?
[on stage in the convention hall]
Ignignot: Silence, silence everyone please. Err: You heard the man, shut up. Wisdom Cube: Ignignort, what's up? Ignignot: We need complete silence so your digital ruler can approacheth. Err: Look at him... and beholdeth. Ignignot: You have all been brought here to celebrate the bruising of the Aqua Teens asses. Err: Now that's the reason for the season. Ignignot: Now... roll call. Err: Prepare to kiss ass. Ignignot: When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly and then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me. Here's a dumb name, Mothmonsterman. Mothmonsterman: Right here. Ignignot: Err did someone leave a window open? I think I heard the wind. Err: Boy, you better drop to your knees and do it right. Mothmonsterman: So.... Who am I... Who am I doing it too? Err: Hang on. (to Ignignot) Who's he doing this too? Cause no one told me.. I didn't get to read the manual. Ignignot: Alright fine! *BEEP* it! Err: Yeah *BEEP* it! Ignignot: Just say here and lets consider the word "here" to be short for "here I am, rock you like a hurricane". Err: You do as the Scorpions have before you. Ignignot: Romulox. Romulox: Here I am, rock you like a hurricane. Ignignot: Happy Time Harry. Harry: (vomits) Err: The Klaus! Ignignot: The Trees... Did anyone see a large tree in the bathroom? Err: Oh yeah! They left a message. They're running late. They're catching a ride with Flargin and Dingle. Ignignot: Flargin and what?
[in the forest outside Jersey]
Merle: I told you this wooden ship ain't going anywhere! Dingle: Shut up Merle! Light it we're late! Flargin: FEET! Tree: Flargin No! (everything bursts into flame and all scream) Flargin: (running away) Feet! Feet! Feet! Feet!
[convention hall]
Ignignot: Who is th... Zarnold Edward... Err: (laughing) Zarnold.. What kinda *BEEP*ing name is Zarnold? God*BEEP*ingdamn it hurts! Ha ha ha ha Zarnold ha ha ha*BEEP*! DP: Oh Dude, you gonna take that? Ignignot: Zarnold Edward Quigley Skeeter: Woah! Bros call me Skeeter, dude. DP: Where are the Kai-Os? I thought this was a mixer. Ignignot: There's one right now, and she's eyeing you like she wants it. Err: Somebody gonna be doing some meat slapping tonight.
[at the airlock in the convention hall]
DP: (to the Kai-O) Hey, my dad owns a dealership. Skeeter: Dude, she was eyeing me. DP: Oh what is it a little cold out there honey? (impaled by the Kai-O) Aaaaaaah! Skeeter: Oh shot down dude. DP: AAH Dealership... (is killed by the Kai-O) Skeeter: Sloppy seconds! (is killed by the Kai-O)
[at the stage in the convention hall]
Ignignot: Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. Cybernetic Ghost: Thousands of years ago before Sigourney Weaver... Ignignot: "Here" will do just fine. Cybernetic Ghost: Here. Err: And no smoking! Give me smoke! Give me a smoke! Give me a smoke! Ignignot: Err, stay with the patch, your blood pressure. Err: You! Tell another story! Cybernetic Ghost: Thousands of years ago I survived the quickening of the Dragonoids.... Err: (inhaling smoke) Smooth and mentholy. Brownie Monsters: (clicking) Ignignot: I know, I know, we're getting to you. Just wait your turn, you're coming up on the list . Brownie Monsters: (silence) Ignignot: Okay Brownie Monsters. Brownie Monsters: (clicking) Ignignot: Emory and Oglethorpe... (silence) Err: (laughs) Ignignot: ...were not invited is the end of that sentence. Err: Damn straight! Put a period on that. Ignignot: Plutonians are teh suck.
[a Plutonian ship in orbit above the convention hall]
Oglethorpe: Maybe ze invitation got lost in ze mail. Emory: Maybe we weren't invited. Oglethorpe: Improbable! We went to high school togezer. Did you not see ze yearbook? Emory: Yeah I know. You told me all about the bus stop but... Look at that. Looks like they're having fun in there. Oglethorpe: Ignore them! We are having fun in an important meeting with our own league! Jammin, tells us about the new pledge Jingle Billy: Hi everybody! Commence to jiggling! Emory: I like jiggling. Oglethorpe: Stop vibrating Emory, he's just trying to control us.
[back in the convention hall]
Ignignot: Did anyone see an 8 foot spider wearing a diaper in the parking lot anywhere? Cybernetic Ghost: I did see that spider but when I was in that parking lot it was about 375,000 years ago... MC Pee Pants: Hey! Hey! Down here man! Yo! Hey, look down man! Down here mas negros it's me, MC to the P. Cybernetic Ghost: ...never mind. Ignignot: Hmm... You look smaller in real life. MC Pee Pants: Yeah I know man. I've been through lots of changes. I'm in hell right, Satan says go fish, I'm like I don't seen any cards and next thing I know I'm a worm. I mean worm? Ignignot: Mhmm... Err, step directly on that. MC Pee Pants: Wait a minute, wait, wait, I got plans see.. We take these monsters right. We start a haunted house. Yeah! Yeah! You feeling me? Yeah! We invite everyone to the haunted house and they come thinking it'll be all scary and shit but in fact the house is also for sale cause it's a condo.. get it like in helmet head and people are gonna pay big ass cash money to live there right. And then we take all that money and buy more psychedelic mushrooms. You feel me? Ignignot: More? MC Pee Pants: Yeah, I already ate a bunch of them. So what do you all think? I mean what are we trying to do give me a record deal? Cause my neighbor keeps on humping me cause I keep on getting killed but I'm like, I'm gonna come back, I'm gonna come back, come on I need this job man. Ignignot: Squash him Err. MC Pee Pants: I'm gonna come back... aaah (Err squashes him) Ignignot: There is only one plan and it involves this... The Screw of Damnation! I found it behind the Armoire... Err: ...of Despair. MC Pee Pants: I know where you all live..aaaaaaah (Err squashes him again) Ignignot: The Aqua Teens shall suffer deeply as this is bored within each and every one of their skulls. Err: One screw, goodbye. Ignignot: And everyone understands how this will come about? Remember there are no dumb questions. Mothmonsterman: Um yeah, right here. Ignignot: In the back. Yes, the retard in the back with the dumb question. Mothmonsterman: How are you gonna get that into their heads? Are you just gonna say stay still or something? Ignignot: No, you will say that. (holds up a sticky note with "Stay Still" written on it) While Major Shake utilizes his Phillips-Head Death Driver. Major Shake: My what? Err: You better have it! Major Shake: What is a Death Driver? I don't know what that is. Err: Oh God... Ignignot: Ok, does anyone have any money? Ol' Drippy: Excuse me, I have a plan.
[Earth, along a highway]
Ol' Drippy: Cans go in one bag, trash in another and be sure to split up the brown and green glass. Wisdom Cube: (to Oog and Romulox) There's the can in front of you do it, pick it up! Major Shake: I have a can that's full! Harry: I'll take that thank you! (takes the can and starts drinking it) Ignignot: And we'll use this glass to remove all hair from the planet? Err: What? No man we're not. He said, "save the world". Ignignot: I was there and he said, "shave the world". Mothmonsterman: No, he said "save". Err: He did. Ignignot: Mutiny! And who named us click click click click click? Brownie Monsters: (clicking) Major Shake: Hey! Hey! There's a snake over here! (is hit by a Semi)
[inside the convention hall while the Brownie Monsters are being executed outside]
Ignignot: Okay, what have we all learned today? Oog: Uh, me hungry. When we break for lunch? Voice: Well if you're hungry there's some sun dried tomatoes next to you. They're huge in Europe. Romulox: (eating the tomatoes) Not bad, I mean they're.. they're not the real deal but...(disappears) Voice: (laughs) Ignignot: He disappeared! Voice: Its about damn time. Oog: Okay, look... Umm, me feels no agenda to meeting and vacuum in leadership position so me has composed 12 point plan for good happy success. Ignignot: How childish. Look! An animal bone! (throws the bone outside) Oog: Bone good! Aah! (goes outside and explodes) Ignignot: Well, does anyone else have any other plans? Ol' Drippy: Excuse me, I have another plan. Ignignot: Mooninites! Duplicate, reunite, and unnihilate! Err: Lock in! Ignignot: Was this in your plan? Err: I don't think it was. Ignignot: Square the Quad-laser and you have... Behold, the Quad-glazier! Err: I thought it was glacier man. Ignignot: Yes, the Quad-glacier, that's what I said. Err: Would you just hurry up and fire it? It's getting heavy. Ignignot: You with all the great plans. You shall not see the next decade. You shall never know that turtle necks will come back, in a big way. Err: Come on! Will you hurry up? I can't hold it much longer! My legs are gonna..(screams as his legs break) Damn! Ignignot: Fire! Err: Why do they call it the glacier? Ignignot: Do you want it done fast Err? Or do you want it done right? Err: I just want it done.. Damn my legs! Ignignot: Okay, we're moving the podium over here... You! You stay in your seat. The rest of you.. We're gonna pass out trophies now. Err get the participation trophies. Err: Yeah right, my legs are broken. Ignignot: Well I'm not gonna get the trophies. I'm the digital ruler. You get a slave to do that. Who would like to join our slavery program? Anyone? You'll get college credit... So shoot, what else... what else, what else, what else... Harry: Look, are we gonna do something here? I'm supposed to get this tattoo done at 4. I'm supposed to go hunting with the Nuge. Ignignot: Yes! Tattoos! We shall all get tattoos of our rad name. What is our rad name? Harry: Oh oh oh, I've got one. Why don't we call ourselves "Lets get off our *BEEP*ing asses and do something because my parole officer really loves it when I don't tell him that I spent my one day off dicking around on the *BEEP*ing moon! Ignignot: No. We have an idea now and we're not moving until we come up with a rad name. Who's got a rad name? Cybernetic Ghost: Giglioranasoniphonicans! Wisdom Cube: Super Fun.. Super Awesome Villains Forever! Cybernetic Ghost: Wait... Um... Giglioranananomicons! Err: Bom Scott! Major Shake: No... That sucks. Err: Baynard Thomas! Major Shake: The Evil Gang of Eleven! Wisdom Cube: Super Awesome Villains Forever! That's mine, hey! Mothmonsterman: How about The Midnighters? Major Shake: The Illin... The Illin Villains! Mothmonsterman: You know... we're out at night... Ol' Drippy: How about Got Villains? Mothmonsterman: Nasty Midnighters! Rabbot and Cybernetic Ghost: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Ignignot: Typical robots. Err: I kinda like that name. It's identifiable.
[Earth, outside of the Aqua Teen's house]
Ignignot: Aqua Teens! Come on out and meet your doom. For we are, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday! Rabbot and Cybernetic Ghost: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Ignignot: No it's just one week. Please stop. Err: Hey! Throw the screw at them. Ignignot: Yes. Launch the screw. Carl: Yeah... They're in... ah... Honolulu. Ignignot: (walking over to Carl's house) Oh shoot... Really? Well, when will they be back? Carl: Well you looking at me here? Heh, what do I look like to you? Err: Brother, you look like a fat man in dire need of an ass bruising. Carl: (laughing)Nice Ignignot: If you see them, give them this note (note says: stay still) Carl: Hang on a second. Shake: (to Carl)Dont! Get your mouth off of me! We had to move to Honolulu. Shut up! Carl: Hey. You know what? They actually moved to Honolulu. Do you believe that? I just found this out. Ignignot: Oh.. Well... Then give me my note back. Harry: Hey did you hea... Ah jeez! They're in the house! Ignignot: That's impossible, they moved to Honolulu. Meatwad: We ain't moved to no Honolulu. Shake: Shut up! Frylock: (coming outside) Uh, can I help someone? (fires eye lazers at Ignignot) Ignignot: (fleeing) 'Scuse me, 'scuse me, 'scuse me, I feel safer parking this in a garage. Kick some ass! (takes off in spaceship) Err: Oh man you can 't leave me here! Come back here I ain't got no legs! Shake: Okay, who's driving me to the mall?
MC Pee Pants: Hey, Satan my man! What's...aaaaaaaaah(hit by fire) Wisdom Cube: Yeah, shut up in fish! (laughs) Satan: (laughing) Satan like funny box (hits Wisdom Cube with flame)

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