Aqua TV Show Show

Season 9 Episode 1

Big Bro

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jun 24, 2012 on Cartoon Network
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Frylock bonds with a nine year old kid named Gerald in the big brother program, which influences Carl to try the program for a different purpose.

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  • The show changed its title for the third time to "Aqua Something You Know Whatever". Season 9 started off superbly, good to see the food group plus Carl again

    Frylock bonds with a nine year old kid named Gerald in the big brother program, which influences Carl to try the program for a different purpose. I thought that this was superb Season 9 premiere of "Aqua Something You Know Whatever" (the show changed its title for the 3rd time). It's been one whole year since the previous season which was Season 8 and it was last summer. By the way, ignore my review from the last time I reviewed a ATHF episode which was the Season 8 finale called "Last Dance for Napkin Lad"... last summer, I was an idiot thinking Season 9 would be a continuation to the Season 8 finale but I just realized that the writers were trying to do something different and that everything would go back to normal on the next episode which is apparently this Season 9 Premiere. Anyways, I enjoyed this Season 9 Premiere and the show still has the humor that I've come to know and love and this show still remains to be my favorite Adult Swim program to watch especially because I don't watch the other Adult Swim programs so yeah. I enjoyed the storyline to this episode and while this episode did have a couple of problems, I still found it to be a hilarious episode. The parts that made me laugh hard was Carl saying that soccer is 'gay', Carl yelling at the soccer game especially the part when the referee gave Carl a red card for throwing a chair into the field and then Carl says "What is this a Valentines' card? I love you too" and smacks the referee with a bat, Carl looking at Gerald's mom's breasts and trying to get close to her, Carl and Gerald's mom having sex along with Carl opening the door naked when Frylock came to his house (the black box blocked Carl's private, the very last part of the episode with Carl in the coffin (pretending to be dead to avoid having a wife and kid since he got Gerald's mom pregnant) and saying "Yes, I'm away from her forever!!! Awesome!!! Wait, what?" because he was no one to help him get out the coffin, Meatwad randomly eating pizza and telling Frylock how he never takes to All You Can Eat Pizza, and probably more. There was a lot of humor in this episode was cracked me up and if you're a fan of this show then you're guaranteed to get a lot of huge laughs. My only problems with this episode was Shake putting a gun in his mouth and shooting himself trying to prove to Frylock that it's a water gun (like really? that part I didn't find funny at all) and I didn't like that Frylock ended up marrying Gerald's mom at the end of the episode.... those two things in this episode just bugged me. That nine year old kid Gerald was an enjoyable character though. For the most part, I had fun with this episode and it's good to FINALLY see some more adventures with the ATHF. Overall, a superb Season 9 premiere of "Aqua Something You Know Whatever"... can't wait to see the rest of the season. Btw, the new theme song for this season is just so freakin' weird and just plain random like you can't even tell what's going so my least favorite theme song in this show now. 9/10moreless

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