Aqua TV Show Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Bus of the Undead

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 30, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Dr. Weird creates a mutant moth/human called Mothmonsterman, but it flies toward the Aqua Teens' house, craving the bright light it sees coming from within. However, the Aqua Teens are using Carl's electricity, and when he makes them turn off the light, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to get it turned back on, scaring the living daylights out of Meatwad and Shake.


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  • Dr. Weird creats a moth named Mothmonsterman and he goes after the ATGF's house that they have

    Dr. Weird creates a mutant moth/human called Mothmonsterman, but it flies toward the Aqua Teens' house, craving the bright light it sees coming from within. However, the Aqua Teens are using Carl's electricity, and when he makes them turn off the light, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to get it turned back on, scaring the living daylights out of Meatwad and Shake. This episode was very low on humor. It has some dragged scenes. Shake using the light while a scary movie was pretty funny. Carl was funny as usual. H. Jon Benjamin's character as the moth was very funny. Overall, I thought this was a great but boring episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It just needed more hilarious scenes. 8.5/10moreless
  • Bus of the Undead

    The Good:

    -"How can you sleep when 'Assisted Living Dracula' is on?"

    -Vacation Song. When the gang leaves for Memphis, an inappropriately-upbeat song plays.

    -Frylock has a distinct personality, as does Meatwad.

    The Bad:

    -For some reason, the idea that they are detectives does not play into "Bus of the Undead."
  • Dr. Weird creates a moth named "Mothmonsterman" and he goes after the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's house to get the light that it within

    While the story is pretty creative, original, and all those other good things, this episode wasn't really what I would call my favorite some of the scenes in this episode were boring to me in my opinion. I don't know, I guess it was just low on laughs. The storyline is creative and original but they could have added more humor into this episode and all that. Oh well, this episode was still great even though it wasn't exactly what I would call my favorite episodes. I guess I only laughed at Mothmonsterman's part in this episode and that was it. I don't think there was anything else funny in this episode. Like I said, some of the scenes in this episode was boring in my opinion. The plot is that Dr. Weird created a moth/human called "Mothmonsterman" and he flies out of the hole and heads straight to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's house to get the light that is there withing and all that stuff. Overall, this was a great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but it wasn't really my favorite episode and it was definitely low on laughs, it does get a lot of points because the plot was original and creative. 8.5/10moreless
  • This was a great episode from start to finish.

    I found this episode to be not only good, but great. This is back when the writers of Aqua Teen actually had some good idea's up their sleeves and they proved themselves worthy with this episode. I thought that Meatwad finally made a name for himself in this episode because it's the first time we actually get to see him cry, and we all know how funny that is. Shake and Frylock also came into their zone in this episode as well and really came into the characters that they would be up until now. Overall, it was a wonderful episode.moreless
  • I didnt really like it.

    This episode appears on a lot peoples best episodes list. I would say its the most overated episode of the series. The story is pretty boring and the plot is to. It just isnt funny. I havent seen this episode in a while so my summary is probaly wrong. Shake gets some kind of big light and it atrracts a big bug. He shuts the light off and some Mothmonster thing with a annoying voice gets all pissed. Then I think theres some stupid thing about dracula or something. Maybe I will like this more if I watch it again. But until then this episode gets a rating of 5.5.moreless
C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve (2001-2003)

Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Schoolly D

Schoolly D


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This episode marks the first appearance of the mystic jewel located in Frylock's back.

    • The Brownie Monsters that appear in The Last One are created in this episode.

    • The sign outside the tent over Dracula's grave says "Dracla's Grave" - with the missing U. This was not a mistake, but was thrown in to give off a sense of it being a fake sight.

    • In the pilot episode, the pain on the wagon that spells out Danger Cart #1 is green. In this episode, the paint is red.

    • This is the last episode featuring Rabbot's hole, which had been continuous since the pilot.

    • In this episode, the second-from-the-left of the four columns on the divider wall that are in the living room is not broken in any way. Later in this episode as well as the series, it is broken in various spots. In this episode, it also appears in one piece, but has a busted piece growing out of it in one scene.

    • When the gang is returning from Memphis, the front door has been removed and is laid down in the front yard, but when they enter the house, the door is back to its normal position.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Shake: Well... Dracula called, and he's coming tonight for you, and I said okay.

    • (Mothmonsterman has strung Carl up in a silk cocoon)
      Frylock: What did you do to Carl?
      Mothmonsterman: Oh, yeah, I laid my eggs in his esophagus. You know, I gotta propagate my species and... he's being a real baby about it.

    • Shake: We are truly sorry and it probably won't ever happen again.

    • Frylock: You put a brownie in my cloning device didn't you?
      Shake: No. Yes. I don't know. Maybe.

    • Shake: These are reverse vampires. They crave the sun.
      Frylock: Oh really?
      Shake: Yeah, they love it. They love to get tans.
      Frylock: No kidding. Where are they from?
      Shake: Um, well, ahh, Tan-sylvania.

    • Shake: Can I have my cord back please?
      Carl: No, I'm just gonna keep it, seeing as how it's mine.

    • Shake: For your one precious tooth? Take it, what's the point. You're gonna lose it soon anyway. When I kick it out of your mouth when you're asleep.

    • Shake: What do you want from me?!
      Mothmonsterman: I want the light turned on.
      Shake: I don't have the blood you crave! (starts whimpering)
      Mothmonsterman: Blood? Ugh, no - I don't want the blood, I really want to see the light turned on, alright? If I don't have it on by nightfall, (honks the horn of the bus) I'm gonna lay on this horn big time, alright? ...Then I will probably call you back.
      Shake: To suck my blood? (continues whimpering)
      Mothmonsterman: Yeah, sure...

      Frylock: Shake will you turn that down!?!?
      Shake: You do not need to raise your voice at me!

    • Frylock: Dracula is dead and buried, Shake. And I'm going to show you his grave. Pack a bag. We're going to Memphis.

    • Frylock: Look, my point is Dracula is dead. Shake: Yeah I know, I know. I rented the headphones. Frylock: So that bus outside of our house, is not Dracula. Shake: I know, its the ghost of Dracula. Frylock: It's a damn school bus!

    • Frylock: Hey Carl.
      Shake: Carl! Hey!
      Meatwad: Good morning Carl.
      Carl: Yeah it is a good morning there, little man. It's three in the morning!
      Shake: Carl, did you see our flag? Pretty boss, huh?
      Carl: Look, all I know is that this cord here was plugged into my house, and your house was glowing like the frickin' sun! So I put two and two together there eh, and decided that you're pissin' me off.

    • Meatwad: Hey, which one of you left the door open... and tore it off the hinges and threw it in the yard?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mothmonsterman is an imitation of mothman a strange creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967. The creature was sporadically reported to be seen before and after those dates, with some sightings as recent as 2005.

    • The movie that Shake watches, "Assisted Living Dracula", is a short film directed by Jay Edwards. The full version of it can be viewed via an Easter Egg on one of the Volume 1 discs.

    • H. Jon Benjamin got the guest voice opportunity in this episode after a meeting at Williams Street that announced Home Movies would be a part of the new cartoon programming block called [adult swim].


    • Elvis Presley
      Meatwad: I wanna see the King!
      He is referring to Elvis; since the Aqua Teens are in Memphis at this point - where Elvis Presley resided for a time - he is probably talking about the famous singer.