Aqua TV Show Show

Season 4 Episode 13

Carl Wash

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Dec 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Meatwad gets a job at a car wash run by brains named Carl and Carl Jr., but the car wash is a front for plans of a different sort.

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  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    I love that these brains were previously in season 6, episode 1 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I know that the episode of SGC2C is older than this episode of ATHF, so it makes me wonder if they got their start on SGC2C or if they appeared elsewhere before SGC2C.
  • Carl Wash

    The Good:

    -"You know what? I gotta go take a dump."

    -"...Wearing the paper gown's a little off-putting..."

    -"We are all Carl." "Neat."

    -"I am Carl Brain."
  • Meatwad gets a job at a car wash

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was kind of weird but in a good way and it had some laughs along the way. Meatwad gets a job at a car wash. His bosses are the brains whose names are Carl and Carl Jr. Later on, Carl and Carl Jr. (the brains) get Carl's (ATHF's neighbor) brain. It was was very funny when Meatwad tried to form into an octagon but all he can do is form into a hot dog and an igloo. It was hilarious when Meatwad formed into a fist sticking his middle finger. Meatwad trying to get people to go to the car wash and people throwing things at Meatwad was also very funny. It was weird that Meatwad's bosses are the brains named Carl and Carl Jr. who want to get Carl's brain. Shake dirtying Carl's car so Carl can go to the car wash and be Meatwad's first customer was very funny. It was kinda weird that Carl got his brain taken away and that Carl is acting weird but it didn't bug me and no disturbing images of some sort weren't in that. The ending was funny as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". 10/10moreless
  • A good episode with some hilarious moments

    This has to be my one of my favorite Meatwad episodes. Overall this is a good episode with some absolutely hilarious parts, i.e. when Carl is getting his car \\\"washed\\\" with Meatwad\\\'s assistance. Definitely some great quotes in this episode. Unfortunately the episode goes a bit stale towards the end, but it is definitely another quality installment for Aqua Teen season 5.

    Note: The brain family (Carl & Carl Jr.) appear in this episode - the characters are from Space Ghost C2C, from what was probably the greatest Space Ghost C2C episode of all time (\\\"Chambraigne\\\"). It\\\'s always good to see an old \\\'Space Ghost C2C\\\' character make an appearance.moreless
  • Horrible. Worst episode ever.

    In my opinion, the worst episode ever. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is my absolute favorite show of all time, unfortunately, this episode was painful to watch. I didn't think any of it was funny. In a way, it was even confusing. Talking brains with googly eyes that run a car wash. I liked every episode before I watched this, so when I watched it, I was confused as to what drove the creators to make it. It's frusterating when you love every episode of your favorite tv show, and then something like this comes on, and it's frusterating to wait up until 1:30 AM to watch something you can't wait to change the channel on.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Carl Brain: We are all Carl.
      Carl: Neat.

    • Frylock: You know what? I gotta go take a dump.

    • (Carl Brain reveals his plan to remove brains and make them work for him)
      Frylock: This is retarded!
      Carl Jr.: Ooh, he called you "retarded", Daddy!
      Carl Brain: Go, stop him! ... from calling me retarded.
      Carl Jr.: Too late, he did.

    • Meatwad: You just don't even worry about it; just sit back on the gernie and, you know, suck from that mask, and relax.
      Carl: Alright then. This is very comfortable here. Wearing the paper gown's a little off-putting but, ugh, you know, I'll go with it.
      Meatwad: When we do the interior, we like to enhance it with an aroma. Do you have a favorite aroma?
      Carl: Yeah, you got, uh... pina-colata?
      Meatwad: No sir, I'm afraid not.
      Carl No pina-colata? How about strawberry boobs?
      Meatwad: Nope, don't got that either. What we do have is athlete's foot, bloated beach cod and stank breath...
      (Short pause)
      Carl: Go through the list again.

    • Meatwad: Hey, here's one: "Looking for dollars? Are you gullible? And stupid, as hell? You may qualify to be part of our dangerous experiment! Bring your resume, wallet, social security, ATM and all credit cards to Carl's Car Wash. Minorities need not apply, or we gonna sue your balls to the wall." That sounds promising! Master Shake: That job is perfect for you!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Carl and Carl Jr. first appeared in an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast called Chambraigne.

    • The following was missing or changed from the original version of this episode:

      Carl Brain's voice is different.
      The sound Shake makes when he teleports is different.
      Carl's paper gown is missing when he first talks with Meatwad.
      Carl's voice doesn't sound covered when he wears the gas mask.
      The cats sound louder.
      Carl doesn't say "What the frig- " he says "What the (Car horn)?"
      A different sound is used when Carl is first licking his car.
      Carl brain doesn't sound as angry calling Carl's brain and doesn't say the word "Kindly".
      Some of the music is missing.
      Frylock doesn't look angry after he calls the plan "retarded" or when the brains leave.

    • This episode originally aired in December 2006 during one of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force replay slots however it was missing a bunch of things including sweetened sound. The final cut aired on March 25 2007