Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • Dickesode

    The Good:

    -Carl is dressed like a woman.

    -Meatwad asks if they'd like to see his dick; he changes into Abraham Lincoln and thinks it is Richard Nixon.

    -Master Shake eats a dick.

    The Bad:

    -The plethora of dicks is strange, but not that funny. It's disturbing even for this show.
  • 10
    This is by far and away one of the best episodes produced for ATHF. Period. One has to be truly cultured to appreciate the subtle humor permeating this episode. Those who didn't 'get' the episode obviously can't appreciate the amount class, style and refinement that are stuffed into this 10 minute masterpiece.

    No, but seriously. If you watch ATHF, you're expecting some pretty stupid crap. Who cares if the plot doesn't make sense, or that the premise is retarded? That's what you watch the show for. Hell, Carl dies every other episode, and is always back, time after time. Of course it doesn't make sense, that's the point. Jesus. It's stupid as hell, but still one of the funniest episodes out there, along with Handbanana. If you want class, intelligent discourse or witty humor, you're obviously watching the wrong show. You shouldn't rate the episode negatively because it lacks these elements, rather, you should praise it for dispensing with all the filler and getting straight down to what it's good at.
  • WARNING: Do NOT let young viewers watch this episode (Read my review to find out why)

    This was an overall good but not great episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". No matter how disturbing and weird this episode was... I didn't think it was a bad episode at all. I should let the users know that this episode is TV-MA and it not for kids. Some ATHF episodes are TV-PG ratings or TV-14 ratings but this is one of those episodes where it has a TV-MA rating and it's not appropriate for little kids to watch. I mean... it isn't violent but it is disgusting and I think young kids would be traumatized if they saw this episode. I'm gonna feel weird saying "d**k" or penis throughout my review so I'm just gonna say the correct and appropriate word "private part". Carl fears that a bunch of "private parts" are going to cut off Carl's "private part". The "private parts" won't stop until they get Carl's "private part" and they complete the "private part" ship. Frylock dresses up Carl as a woman except he had to cut off Carl's "private part". It was disturbing and just plain gross that a bunch of "private parts" are trying to complete the "private part" ship to go back home. It was good that Carl was was back to the way he was. I laughed at a few scenes like when Carl went inside the monster mouth closet and when Carl was dressed up as a woman. The ending was just plain gross and disturbing when Shake ate Carl's "private part" thinking that it was a hot dog... ewwww, that is gross. Like I said, do not let little kids watch this episode... it deals with "private parts" throughout this whole episode and this episode is TV-MA for that reason. Overall, it was a good episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" but not the best episode of Season 4. 7.5/10
  • The worst episode ever.

    This episode centered on "dicks" and removal of the organ. This is clearly a shark jumping episode - I missed it the first time around and wish I had done the same this time. It was so digusting I couldnt even finish watching it. I dont even know how it ended, nor do I care to know.

    Williams Street has gone downhill over the last year with series like ASSY MCGEE and other homosexually oriented shows. An occasional gay reference is one things but lately AS programming has become saturated with it. The same thing thats happened to ATHF this season is the same thing that happened to SEALAB 2021 this season - more and more episodes featuring cheap sex jokes and plot devices.

    I was sorry to see 12 OZ MOUSE end, but if ATHF keeps going in this direction Ill probably stop watching it before it ends.

    LOVE this episode of the Aqua Teens!! Very funny in my opinion, I didn't even expect this episode to be underrated until now. Carl wins a prize off of a cup from "WongBurger" to getting his you know what ripped off. Later a truck comes by with henchmen of Mr.WongBurger who tries to build a ship out of ****s. Carl tries to hide from the henchman and the Aqua Teens try to help him out by changing his gender to a female, which was a backfired idea. I loved at the end when Shake mistaken Carl's private part of a hot dog in the trash and he ate it. ATHF is great, more shows need to be like this. Final grade: A+
  • LOFL

    This was one of the funniest Aqua Teen episodes EVER. It was clever as hell.

    Humour: 10.0
    It might sound retarded at first having to go through hearing "d*ck" 53 times. But you'll see how funny it is...

    Plot: 8.5
    Carl is in danger of getting ball-napped. That's all I have to say here. :)

    Swearing factor: 9.5
    There's so much swearing in this episode, it's rediculous. Mainly becuase of d*ck. *repeats it 53 times*

    Overall: 9.0
    It's sad that South Park didn't do this yet. Looks like ol' Matt beat Trey and Parker to it. No more useless cursing for you, South Park, it's now propertie of ATHF.
  • A fast food restaurant awards Carl the prize of genital mutilation. They say "dick" at least 53 times, too.

    I've yet to understand the hate for this episode. Granted, this is not one of the best, but it is pretty damn funny. Aside from the obvious dick jokes, this is really your standard ATHF. A ridiculous villain (Wong Burger), plenty of character interaction, and a ridiculous scheme. And, of course, Carl gets screwed. As for the high immaturity factor, that's kind of the point. After all, this is Aqua Teen Hunger Force for cryin' out loud. Not The New Yorker. The episode knows what it is and for the most part, works. It lags here or there, with the puppet show and the horrific Carl sex change, but keeps a pretty good energy going and succeeds at a very amusing, if not completely hilarious, eleven minutes.
  • How many times do we need to hear a word for no real reason at all? None. And this has to be the worst ATHF episode yet.

    There are some funny moments, like 3-4 of them,including Shake accidentally eating Carol's dick, but really, that's a small number of laughs in a ATHF episode, which is usually over 8 or more. The word dick was said too many times and it got boring hearing the same word in lots of quotes in the episode. Only a tiny bit of it is funny, but it's just sad, and still, why say it so many times? Boring.

    This show is known for it's dumbness, which makes it so great, but this episode takes it too far with the dumbest plot I've ever heard in my life: A dick like creature makes a dick ship(made out of dicks of course) to fly home. What the heck is that? Also, the Aqua Teens had to hide Carol from people who are trying to rip his dick off, and Frylock makes him have a sex change and hid Carol's dick too until it's safe for him to get his dick back, which ends up in the trash can. Does any of that make perfect sense? No. This episode takes stupidity to a new level. Along with Hypno Germs and Party all the Time, this episode is the worst in the series. Lets hope Season 5 does better than this. What a huge disappointment for a ATHF episode.
  • Downright stupid.

    This episode might be funny if you're 10 and have never heard the word "dick" on TV before, but other than that, its not really worth watching. One of the few ATHF episodes to stay away from at all costs, or better yet, pretend it doesn't exist altogether. Don't say I didn't warn you...
  • Carl is in serious danger of being seperated from a very close part of him.

    This is episode is one of my new favorites for this entire series. It's hilarious!

    The boys decide to head down to Wong Burger to go get some food and find some surprises at the bottom of their soda cups. Due to and unfortunate twist of fate, Carl gets stuck in a binding legal contract by way of the fast food contest. Both Meatwad and Master Shake get 20 cents off Wasabi fries but Carl is unexpectedly in danger of getting his dick ripped off! The guys go back home and watch the Wong Burger commercial and see a very enlightening piece of information that states, "One out of three contestants may get there dicks ripped off". Soon after, a giantic monster truck, with a huge hook on the back and "Ripper" painted on the side, rolls up outside and two Asian-inspired schlong hunters looking for Carl and his "jimmy" knock on the door. During most of the episode, Carl tries to escape from Wong Burger's minions by hiding in the house of his unwanted neighbors. Frylock sends them next door and, in the mean time, tries to help Carl by giving him a sex change to throw his obsessed stalkers off his trail. Needless to say, Carl was unappreciative, as usual, and wanted Frylock to reverse his diversive tactic, but the necessary piece of the puzzle was in the trash and then in the hands of his insistent pursuers of members.

    The Aqua Teens go to Wong Burger headquarters, which is made of these stolen symbols of manhood, to retrieve Carl's little buddy. They soon find out that the owner of Wong Burger, who looks like a "one-eyed wonder weasel with two balls", has been constantly abducting hundreds of reproductive organs to make a rocket ship and get back to his planet. After finding out the madman's insane plan, the guys take a random penis and get the hell out of there. In the end, Frylock returns Carl to normal and Wong's space voyage fails because an unstable vessel of foreskin doesn't fly to well.
  • Although it was very funny, it served no purpose.

    This episode made me laugh, but I felt as though it was the same joke over and over again. Basically the whole episode was one big dick joke. Dick necklaces, a dick spaceship, a dick building, and Mr. Wong Burger (a total dick). Also, all names in the credits were replaced with the name 'Dick'. Mr. Wong Burger gets a ship made of dicks and crashes it into the building made of dicks.

    This episode had no point. Last season was so good, and then they just drop the ball with 'Dickesode'. Some of it was disturbing, like when Carl is changed into a woman, or when they try and change him back. This episode also marked the beginning of a very disturbing (and offensive) season.
  • Dick=Aqua Teen as South Park=The S-Word

    I am sorry that I like this episode. Maybe it has something to do with issues of being repressed as a child or something..LMAO! The fact that they tried to use the word \"DICK\" as much as the South Park said the S-Word is one thing, but Shake eating the \"blood-tasting hot dog on top of chestnuts with hair\" was the kicker...Call me sick, but that is funny to me!
  • Every cartoon sitcom has it's high and lows and sometimes there comes a time when they draw the line of good taste for one season.

    It was back in 1999 when Cartoon Network aired "Curling Flowering Spaces" episode of SGCC. THe Episode broke new ground, allowing the producers to get away with saying the word "Sex" on a kid freindly network. This episode remains one of my personal favorites.

    Now 7 years later, "Dicksode" is the ATHF episode that not only allows Matt and Dave to get away with saying the word "Dick" but redefines writing an episode about Dicks, if looked at with good taste this "Dicksode" can be qiute "Dicklarious" "Dickpid" and "Dicky", but if viewed through the wrong prism it can be offensive to some.

    But I love the end credits where everybody's name is Dick.
  • Aqua Teen hits a new low.

    I watched with trepidation the previous season of ATHF as the episodes became less and less distinguishable from each other: some crazy guest character turns up, there are some long, sometimes funny but mostly painful awkward moments, and not a lot happens. Whoopdee doo. A far cry from the wonder that was the Rabbot pilot or the one with the leprechauns from Rhode Island.

    Then I saw the "Deleted Scenes" episode, which was hilarious, and I reappraised my view on the later ATHF's: until this piece of garbage. Admittedly, the first scene is alright; the irony in Shake drinking from a cup that's exactly his size is quite le amusing. Then it all goes to hell the second time Meatwad says the word "wasabi fries". The puppet scene was good, although completely destroyed by the time we have to wait for it. But who can blame them for the excessive awkward silences in this episode? It's not as if they had anything to work off: I mean seriously, an episode based entirely on dick jokes? (And poorly conceived and executed dick jokes at that.) Have they replaced the writing staff with 10-year-olds?
  • "Somebody's Dick is coming with me tonight." "One in three chance of getting your dick ripped off."

    Including Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha (the masterminds behind METALOCALYPSE) was genius. I have been waiting for the new season for a long time and got chills watching this episode. The professional dick hunters are great (my favorite guest characters so far). I can't stop quoting them. The episode may get lost on some viewers, but for the ATHF faithfuls who are used to the extraordinary they are treated to a great wealth of censored dicks and some great voice acting. They never have a poor episode and I can't wait to see the movie. ATHF by far is the greatest show to grace TV and I expect more great episodes.
  • It's always about Carl

    There were some definite classic Shake moments in this episode, such as getting the Shake-sized drink with the edible hand-cart.

    The plot, as always with the fifteen-minute long ATHF eps, was paper thin. One reviewer here claims the episode is about Dick Cheney being behind 9/11. I think that's a bit of a stretch. But it turns out the corporation behind Wongburger is removing male genitalia to construct a vessel out of said genetalia so the genitalia-looking bad guy can escape the planet. And Carl is slated for removal.

    Good bits: Frylock's "solution" to keeping Carl in possession of his manhood.

    The revealing of Meatwad's manhood.

    The covering of all materials with multi-colored barcodes to appease the censors.

    Classic: "You will get your d**k ripped off" -- the inscription under Carl's drink.
  • I didn't get it.

    I know there was a joke here somewhere seeing that they said the word 'dick' a zillion times, but I didn't see the relevance here. On the other hand I thought it was funny as far as the powers that be let them get away with even airing this episode. Seeing that they did leads me to beleive there is something more behind it thatn just saying the word 'dick'. I've been a fan of ATHF for years because of it's irreverent humor but this one just went over my head, so to speak. If anybody can clue me in on this please let me know.
  • I\'ve been waiting patiently for this garbage?!?

    As the new fall season begins I\'ve been noticing the word \'dick\' making quite a few appearances on primetime broadcast television. I don\'t know if the word just got approved by censors or what but this seems to be the season of \'dick.\' Aqua teen has always had a reputation for being \"uncouth\" but this episode is just plain stupid. I hope this isn\'t a new standard for the show. I can take it as a welcoming for the big \'d\' word (if this is the case) but as for an Aqua Teen episode it\'s garbage.
  • Poor episode that leaves you feeling you\'re out of the loop on an \'in joke\'.

    As much as I love ATHF, and as much as the shows don\'t make much sense at all, this one just didn\'t do anything. It didn\'t make sense, it didn\'t provide the laughs, all it did was confuse me. It felt like this episode was an \'in joke\' from the writers and totally left me feeling confused as to what was going on and why, which left a real unconfortable feeling at the whole concept of the episode as I wasn\'t laughing. If I was laughing I don\'t think I would have found this as bad an idea as it was, but everything about it just seemed to go over my head. If this was pop culture reference and I\'m missing out then, I guess that\'s my own fault in someway, but if not, then what were the writers thinking?
  • No.

    They had all this time to come up with new episodes and THIS is the garbage they give us? I'd rather watch Squidbillies. I don't know if this was their attempt to mirror South Park's "It Hits the Fan" episode, but it just wasn't funny. Cutting off penises to make a giant penis ship. I can't even imagine what kind of drugs they needed to take to come up with this drivel, but whatever they are, I'm surprised it didn't kill them. But if this becomes a trend like it did with OTHER shows we all might know (coughfamilyguycough), then I guess it wouldn't have made a difference.
  • the beginning of a new season of aqua teen hunger force

    this episode okay was nearly perfect but this episode was pretty good but not the best the new season has finnaly arrived and we havent seen a new episode for like years wow finnaly the new season has arrived woo-hoo so i give this episode a 9.1 out of 10.0