Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Oct 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In the credits of this episode, everyone's first name is replaced with 'dick'

    • The two men in the Wong Burger commercial are the same guys from Oog's commercial in Super Computer.

    • The word dick is said 53 times in this episode.

    • The Wong Burger slogan is: "At Wong Burger, when it's right... it'sWong!...(Short pause; very fast)Some customers may get their dicks ripped off..."

    • We learn that Shake needs 85 gallons (322 liters) of soda each day.

    • The room Shake and Meatwad try to hide Carl at is the room from Video Ouija.

    • While Carl is standing in front of the mirror, his reflection isn't right; he's standing with his back to the mirror, yet he is reflected as though he were facing the mirror.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Carl is helping haul Shake's drink and has nothing in his hand. Seconds later, when Shake is drinking the drink, Carl, who never went back inside the restaurant, somehow has a drink of his own in his hand.

    • When Shake is shown ripping off the bottom part of the drink its completely bent but in the very next scene were he is up the bottom piece is completely straight without him doing it!

    • When Master Shake tips over his drink to rip reveal the bottom, it looks like the drink is going to land on Meatwad, but instead it goes to the side and Meatwad is pushed back before the soda sweeps him away.

  • Quotes

    • Shake: You're not gonna believe someone threw a perfectly good hot dog in the trash! (Meatwad and Frylock look at each other) to two soggy walnuts! And what is that... that blood? Mmm... tastes like blood!

    • Wong Worker: You don't think they're... dicking around, do ya?
      Mr. Wong Burger: No, no, they love dick, they crave dick.

    • Mr. Wong Burger: Are you telling me, I don't know dick?

    • Frylock: Hopefully the swelling in your chest should go down.. once the testosterone fully circulates around your body.
      Carl: Ohh. What about my voice?
      Frylock: Oh, I added a third testicle to speed up the process. I'll have to cut it out later. Otherwise you'll just go insane with rage.

    • Mr Wong Burger: What're you doing touching my dicks?
      Frylock: You can't just run around ripping off people's dicks, to make a giant dickship.
      Mr Wong Burger: I have an advanced degree in Dicknology!
      Frylock: You're a madman, Wong Burger! This ship will never fly!
      Mr Wong Burger: Well how else am I supposed to get home?!
      Frylock: Call someone to pick you up!
      Mr Wong Burger: I will...

    • Meatwad: Hey Carl, look at there. You could still pick your dick outta the garbage.
      Carl: Is that it? Is that mine? Of course it is, it's got that curve to the left.

    • (Carl gets up to find he looks like a woman)
      Carl: Yeah, you're right. This was a very bad idea.
      Master Shake: Hey Carlena! Wow!
      Carl: Oh. I get it. You put me under, dress me like a woman, took pictures of me. Laughs on me right?
      Frylock: Well, no Carl... see... (Chuckles nervously) You're not just dressed like a woman.
      Carl: ... Well do go on, please.
      Frylock: Well it's pretty simple really. I removed your dick so no one will have no need to remove it.
      Carl: So the giant blood stain is a.. what is that? Me having my period I guess? (Laugh)
      Frylock: It could be... or it could just be the spot where I snipped your dick off.
      (Carl remains silent)
      Meatwad: You takin' this pretty good, Carl. Kudos.

    • Mr Wong Burger: Those dicks! Will you please.. somebody stack them better?!
      Worker: The dicks won't hold together, Mr. Wong Burger!
      Worker: We're gonna have to wrap these dicks with something. Maybe with a, a dick!
      Mr Wong Burger: Are you telling me I don't know dick?! If anybody knows how to build a ship out of dicks it is me!
      Workers: Yes, Mr Wong Burger.
      Mr Wong Burger: Because I am King Dick!
      Worker: We're missing a dick for the nose cone!
      Mr Wong Burger: The dickship will never hold together! What's taking them so long?! He entered a binding legal contract the moment he took a sip!
      Worker: You don't think they're...dickin' around over there do you?
      Mr Wong Burger: I doubt it. They're professional dick hunters. They crave dick, as we all do.

    • Frylock: Apprently, Carl, when you bought that medium drink you entered a binding contract that enables them to rip off your dick.
      Carl: Oh no..
      Frylock: Yeah. And there's really nothing I can do about it.

    • Frylock: Carl, come on out.
      Carl: Are they gone?
      Frylock: Yeah, to your house. They're going to turn it inside out, Carl. Until he gets ahold of your dick.
      Master Shake: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.. Hey, hey! He's over here!
      Frylock: Would you shut up!

    • Frylock: I told y'all this closet is not to be opened! It is a horrible, horrible place in there.
      Meatwad: Well, there's a knob there!
      Frylock: Why do you think I put the sign there?! Did you think I was being cute?!

    • Commercial Guy: Just grab the bottom of the cup, rip it and win! Prizes include a new car, or a discount on Teriyaki fries. At Wong Burger, when it's right, it's Wong! ....some customers may get their dicks ripped off.
      Carl: Right there! Right there, did you hear that?
      Meatwad: Oh yeah, about them Teriyaki Fries?
      Carl: No, no no no no. The last part, the low, fast part. Rewind, go back!
      Meatwad: We ain't got no Tivo.
      Master Shake: That was live, Carl.
      Meatwad: But we can still go back through the power of imagination.
      Master Shake: I like the way you're thinkin', go get the puppets.
      Meatwad: Okay!

    • Meatwad: Hey y'all, look at this! Just rip it and win!
      Frylock: Oh, what'd you win Meatwad?
      Meatwad: Twenty cents off my next Wassabi fries! All right! You see, they fill the fries with wassabi sauce through a needle..
      Frylock: I know Meatwad, I know. I saw the ad too.
      Meatwad: And they good!
      Frylock: I'm sure they're not..

    • Meatwad: Come on back..
      Frylock: Step..there's a step..
      Carl: I'm losing my grip here.. Where do you want it? Where do you want it?!
      Frylock: Step down!
      Meatwad: There!
      Master Shake: Was that thing heavy?
      Frylock: Dammit Shake! Did you have to order the Super-Size trough?!
      Master Shake: Hydration is essential!

    • (After Carl discovers that Frylock chopped off his dick to keep people from ripping it off, turning him into a woman, he sees his crotch start bleeding)
      Carlita: And... what is this then? My... period or something?
      Frylock: It could be... or it could just be where I cut your dick off...

    • Carlita: Oh no, you keep it, and HUMP YOURSELF!

    • Carlita: Oh man, those pain killers were awesome!

    • Shake: Ding-dong, the dick is dead, Carl!

    • Meatwad: See what you win, Carl.
      Carl: Uhh. Tonight you will get your dick ripped off.. That doesn't sound right, does it? Here, read this..
      Frylock: Tonight you will get your dick ripped off..
      Carl: Is that a prize?

    • Wong Worker: 1 in 3 chances of getting your dick ripped off.

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