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Aqua TV Show Show

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary


Shake starts staging publicity stunts in order to try and get women, but may be over compensating for something else. Is Shake gay? But more importantly, how will his roommates deal with his new life partner, the elusive Dirtfoot.

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  • Dirtfoot

    The Good:

    -Meatwad holds hands with Master Shake and Frylock throughout the episode.

    -"Hey, Frylock...ass."

    -Meatwad's extended-time spin around the elevator before he pushes all the buttons.

    -"...It takes time and hard work to become gay."

    -"I guess what we're saying here at channel five is that Dirtfoot is gay, and so is that milkshake."

    -Master Shake accidentally cuts himself in half.

    -"...I'll look."
  • Shake has a roommate named "Dirtfoot"

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". The plot was pretty weird but it was done in an excellent way. Shake and Meatwad watching some kind of detective porn show in the beginning of the episode was funny. It was very funny that Shake is going all these stunts just to get the woman. Meatwad saying @$$ a bunch of times and Frylock telling him to stop saying that bad word was very funny. It was funny that Shake has a roommate named "Dirtfoot" who happens to be a creature. Meatwad's lines were absolutely hilarious in this episode and I thought that they were very well done. The new reporters coming up with a story that Shake might be gay was very funny. It was also hilarious when they reported that Shake is gay and Shake is saying that he is not gay Carl's cameo appearance towards the end of the episode was also very funny when the news reporters were interviewing him about Shake being gay The very ending was also hilarious but it was strange at the same time. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and an excellent way to start Season 4. 10/10moreless
  • It was great, but to me, it felt a little overrated.

    This is the first episode I think is a tad overrated. I mean, it's funny, but not totally consistent funny like the other episodes. Meatwad spinning in the elevator, Shake's rude comments to Meatwad and seeing them fight is funny, the scene with Carl and the news reporters were funny as well with Dirtfoot rescuing Shake(thinking he's gay but if it weren't for those moments, this episode would seem very dull.

    Why, because it got boring in the middle of the episode, the beginning and end were funnier. The laughs mostly stop from there, hardly anything was really funny or interesting about it. To top it off, the scenes I mentioned weren't all LOL funny. Because of that, this episode is a little overrated, but it's still a great one though. Highly recommendable to anyone, but the scenes I mentioned are mainly worth watching, not the entire episode itself.moreless
  • Dirt Foot a amazing lost creature found by a Fast Food Master MIlk Shake after this thing get weird...

    This episode is great quiet possibly the best ATHF.It has homosexual relationship.s, great domestic abuse,drinking.The writers of ATHF hit a home run.The episode introduce the new characters Dirt Foot a homo sexual foot and Bruno Sardine a detective who has amazing erotic adventure with his enemies and Friends .I think we learn somthing we never knew about shake . Carl is funny in this episode .Meat Wad plays a small roll compared to most episodes . Fry Locke also plays a small roll it is mostly Mater Shake but Fry Lock unlock a few secrets about our new Friend Dirt Foot and maybe Master Shake ??? idkmoreless
  • The writers at ATHF have just gotten better and better

    Dirtfoot is the pinacle of the series so far. I hope that this kind of writing continues. You could make a book with all the one liners. I can't stop watching it and I can't stop laughing. Shake and Meatwads relationship is absolutely hilarious. Frylock has turned from leader of the group to now just another comic relief in the ongoing story lines.
Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Ken Osborn

Ken Osborn

TV Announcer

Guest Star

LaLa Cochran

LaLa Cochran

Sexy Woman

Guest Star

Billie Reaves

Billie Reaves


Guest Star

George Lowe

George Lowe

Bruno Sardine, Private Inbreastigator

Recurring Role

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    • Frylock: It takes time and hard work to become gay. I mean, you need another person to influence your weak emotions.

    • Meatwad: When did we get a well?

    • Master Shake: Cut me in half, quick! Frylock: No, Shake.. Master Shake: But her top came off, magically!! Meatwad: What are those things? I wanna get some. Frylock: It's just TV, okay. TV! Master Shake: Look, I am perfectly aware of the difference between the TV and the flesh world we live in. Like from Videodrome, right? You seen it? Meatwad: Frylock, what is it to "laid" someone?

    • TV Announcer: Next week on Bruno Sardine: Private Imbreastigator..
      Woman: Oh, baby. You were stung by a bee.
      Bruno: I know. And it hurts..
      Woman: Oh, no Bruno!
      Master Shake: OH MY!
      Woman: My top magically came off!
      TV Announcer: That's next week on Bruno Sardine: Private Imbreastigator!

    • Shake: So whats goin on? Anything?

      Meatwad: Livin' large!!

      Shake: YOU! You take the handicap rail. Because YOU...handicapped!! ...Mentally!

      Meatwad: Haha...yeah. You a sissy.

      Shake: You're a sissy!!!

    • Old Lady: Oh no! My top just came off!
      Meatwad: Well, will you look at that...
      Frylock: Ah ah ah! Don't look Meatwad.
      Meatwad: Well, will you let me look at those?
      Frylock: No...I'll look.

    • Shake: Hey, we could heat this up in ye old abandoned microwave. I could use some help wiring the old abandoned surround sound system. I got the old abandoned Bad Boys box set. Huh?? HUH???
      Frylock: How about water Shake, any water in that well?
      Shake: Bottled. Oh and the old abandoned hottub.
      Frylock: Hottub? D##n wha...what else you got down there?
      Shake: Tons and tons of rubbers. Come on, I'll show you!

    • Meatwad: You know, I always that Dirtfoot was kinda...
      Shake: HERE WE GO!
      Meatwad: Uhh...
      Shake: What, Meatwad? What?
      Frylock: Well you know, I mean legend has it he's uhh... kind of an (belch)hole.

    • Meatwad: Hey, Frylock, what is gay? What does that mean?
      (Meatwad holds Frylock's fry/hand as they exit his room)

    • Frylock: We got you a going away present.
      Meatwad: Yeah, we ain't livin' with no jay person. Did I say it right, jay? Gay, ah, gay, sorry, sorry. We ain't livin' with no gay person.

    • TV reporter: You don't have to be gay to like Dirtfoot. You just have to be gay to be Dirtfoot. Or to be Dirtfoot you have to be gay. I guess what we're saying here at channel five is Dirtfoot is gay, and so is that milkshake.

    • Meatwad: It's ok Shake, because whoever you decide that you are, I still gonna love you. But just not in a gay way, because God makes all people in different sizes and shapes and problems, but he only makes the people he hates gay. That's you. You it, boy. You gay.

    • Frylock: Look Shake, just because you don't want to admit you like living with a gay person doesn't mean you can legally marry in the church.
      Shake: I know. Wait.

    • Shake: It turns out that there's an old abandoned microwave where I got stuck, with chili, and food, couple magazines.

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