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ATHF Submission Guidelines

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    Welcome to the weirdest (and one of the most wonderful) shows on television!

    As the current editor, I love when other fans contribute to the show, but sometimes new or infrequent users might not understand what I consider to be a substantial submission. Since it differs from editor to editor here at, I thought it might be helpful to lay out what I like to see!

    1. Allusions: An allusion is a reference to an existing piece of media - film, television, books, etc. Please briefly explain the original source when you submit to this category. Example: If Master Shake refers to Highlander, briefly explain the plot ofHighlander.
    2. Trivia: This is something a viewer might not have noticed the first time around, or something a viewer might not know about the episode. Tidbits that involve something happening repetitively are iffy - a recurrence of a character might be worthy if they are shown in the background (think Willy Nelson), but the Rent-a-Hoist's re-appearance is not.
    3. Notes: This deals with off-camera or production events, as well as music. Please do not list everything from the DVD commentaries in this section; each submission will be monitored, but pick your favorite segments or the ones that seem most interesting to submit to this category.
    4. Quotes: These should stand on their own. If a lot of context or explanation is required, don't submit it.
    5.Sources: If you submit a new episode to the show, provide a source other than IMDB or Wikipedia. For Quotes, please provide a timecode so that I can find the quote in the episode. Trivia should be easy to provide sources for, as well as Notes and Allusions.
    6. READ CAREFULLY: If it's already in the guide, don't submit it. If you are correcting a submission, please clearly explain what corrections you are making, so that I know what is being fixed.

    These are the rules that adhere to show submissions:

    1 ) You must provide a valid URL source. IMDB and Wikipedia are not valid/reliable URL sources. A non-official source that doesn't indicate where it got its information from isn't reliable.

    2 ) Contributors have to provide valid season and lifetime episode numbers.

    3 ) Contributors also have to provide two out of three of summary, air date, and/or title.

    4 ) "TBA", "Coming Soon" and similar phrases are not valid summaries.

    5 ) Air dates have to be full air dates. Not just a year, or a month, or a month and a year.

    6 ) You have to provide a URL source for your summary but you then have to rewrite it in your own words. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling matter. A lot.

    7 ) The recap section should be blank until after the episode airs.

    8 ) Don't make up production codes. Again, provide a source. "101, 102, 103" etc. are not valid.

    Thanks so much, and Happy Viewing!


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