Aqua TV Show Show

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

There's no food in the Aqua Teens' house and no money coming in until the welfare check comes in next week. Frylock decides that in order to eat, they need to pawn their TV. Master Shake refuses to allow it, and Frylock says that the only other option is for them to get jobs. Shake reminds him of their detective agency, but Frylock correctly points out that they haven't been hired to detect anything in years. Shake then tries to force Meatwad to get a job, only to be foiled by Frylock who reminds him that Meatwad is a child and sanitation issues exist with him being an anthropomorphic pile of raw meat.

Frylock and Shake get jobs at a food stand in the mall called "Slurp-A-Lunch"- the stand serves liquefied raw meat to its customers. One of the items they sell is called "Brat-thirst", a liquefied bratwurst. Frylock brings it home for Carl, who was asked to babysit Meatwad. Two problems arise- the first being that Carl doesn't want the drink, and the second that he wasn't watching Meatwad at all, instead sitting in front of his television set masturbating. He then tells Frylock that Meatwad "helped himself" to various prescription drugs in Carl's medicine cabinet (apparently Shake paid Carl to do so). Frylock races home to find Meatwad strung out on pills and after he puts Meatwad in the freezer to keep him safe, he decides to find another method to deal with leaving Meatwad home while he and Shake go to work.

Enter Robositter, a robotic babysitter who Frylock builds with a primary objective to care for Meatwad. Unbeknownst to Frylock, he's also built Robositter with teenage girl emotions and a very high level of intelligence. This is first evidenced by Robositter threatening Meatwad if she doesn't give him the phone, then chasing him down the street after he asks for a pill.

Meanwhile, back at Slurp-A-Lunch, Shake decides that after a day of work, he's going to quit and takes two hams as severance pay. He also gives Frylock a concoction that consists of his work uniform and name tag. Frylock tries to convince him to stay, saying that the district manager will give them a rain poncho if they sell enough drinks. Shake then serves Frylock said rain poncho and heads to the arcade. Robositter then shows up with a friend she built herself, to the surprise and disgust of Frylock as she and her friend are dressed like tramps. Frylock eventually tricks them both into killing themselves by throwing money on the drink press and crushing them into oil. Shake returns to find the two robots dead, shocked as he was going to buy them wine coolers.

Back at Carl's house, Meatwad is debating whether or not you should play with matches as Carl's house is left as a smoldering pile of rubble.

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