Aqua TV Show Show - Season 1

Weekdays 10:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Dec 30, 2000 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Carl is visited by the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future and learns that his house is built on an elfin graveyard, thus causing his pool to fill with blood. Carl attempts to sell his house to someone who is thrilled about the blood, but problems arise for the Aqua Teens when their new neighbor's blood supply runs low.

  • Mail Order Bride
    Episode 17

    As a Christmas present to themselves, Shake and Carl split the cost of a mail-order bride from Chechnya. Unfortunately, once she gets a look at her new "husbands," she panics and locks herself in Carl's house, leaving Carl stuck outside.

  • PDA
    Episode 16

    Shake is missing his Personal Digital Assistant. The gang proceeds to look in the Adirondack mountains and in Carl's pool for it, until finally they confront the accused thief.

  • Interfection
    Episode 15

    While looking up teeth conspiracies (and Metallica) on the internet in Frylock's room, Shake and Meatwad make various pop-up windows appear, which start to spread throughout the house.

  • Dumber Days
    Episode 14

    After Shake uses Meatwad's brain to perform stunts in the pool, it's discovered that Meatwad's brain is nothing more than a toy with a jingle bell in it. After Meatwad goes through a brief depression, Carl gets him a new brain against Frylock's will. After Meatwad gets his new brain, he begins to grow larger...and smarter.

  • Love Mummy
    Episode 13

    Frylock discovers a mummy in the crawlspace under the house. The mummy begins to extort large favors from Frylock by threatening him with an ancient Egyptian curse if Frylock refuses to cooperate.

  • Circus
    Episode 12

    Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus, but when Meatwad becomes a huge success, Shake gets jealous and tries to get in on the act. It's a battle of the freaks!

  • Bad Replicant
    Episode 11

    Shake is kidnapped by Emory and Oglethorpe. The two aliens replace him with a replicant, but Frylock and Meatwad soon realize that the Shake replicant doesn't resemble the real Shake at all.

  • Dumber Dolls
    Episode 10

    Meatwad gets a new doll, Happy Time Harry, which has a dreadfully bitter and jaded personality. Happy Time Harry's time is up when his negativity begins to affect everyone.

  • MC Pee Pants
    Episode 9

    Subliminal messages in the music Meatwad has been listening to draw the team to a warehouse, where they find out that the rap artist behind the music is actually a giant spider.

  • 5/5/02

    The Mooninites return to cause more havoc. They "help" Meatwad earn tickets so he can get a ten-speed bike. However, they spend the tickets instead on the Foreigner belt, which is infused with all the magical powers of the 70's rock band of the same name.

  • Ol' Drippy
    Episode 7

    Shake makes a large mess in the kitchen and refuses to clean it, eventually resulting in the creation of a new lifeform which Meatwad names Ol' Drippy. Shake becomes jealous of the attention that the new character receives.

  • 4/7/02

    Frylock attempts to make contact with aliens and is successful... but there's only two problems. First, the aliens want to take over Earth, and second, they're too stupid to pull it off.

  • Balloonenstein
    Episode 5

    Meatwad receives electrical powers after Shake traps him in the clothes dryer for a week. When Frylock tries to cure Meatwad, a giant balloon monster is created.

  • 10/14/01

    A pair of two-dimensional creates from the Moon known as the Mooninites unexpectedly drop by the Aqua Teens' neighborhood. There, they start to take advantage of Meatwad and wreak havoc upon others around them.

  • Bus of the Undead
    Episode 3

    Dr. Weird creates a mutant moth/human called Mothmonsterman, but it flies toward the Aqua Teens' house, craving the bright light it sees coming from within. However, the Aqua Teens are using Carl's electricity, and when he makes them turn off the light, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to get it turned back on, scaring the living daylights out of Meatwad and Shake.

  • 9/9/01

    Leprechauns use Dr. Weird's RainbowMaker 400 to capture people from afar, take them to the middle of the woods, and then steal their shoes. Their antics eventually lead to the involvement of the Aqua Teens.

  • Rabbot
    Episode 1

    Dr. Weird unveils his latest creation, the Rabbot, but when he sprays it with French perfume, it breaks its way out of the laboratory and heads for downtown New Jersey. When Carl comes out of his house the next morning, Shake decides to put the Aqua Teens on the case. While the trio are at the mall, Frylock insists on continuing the investigation after finding some heavy evidence. However, as the Aqua Teens leave the mall, they pass through downtown New Jersey, where the Rabbot has gained the ability to turn anything in its path very hairy...

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