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Season 2 Episode 4

Super Computer

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jun 15, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Frylock invents a new, ridiculously advanced super computer, but Shake's incompetence sends it careening into Carl's house. Frylock builds another one, but the advanced technologies involved accidentally send the machine back in time!

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  • Super Computer

    The Good:

    -Meatwad and Master Shake think Frylock is a witch.

    -"Me get crazy when me no have cigarette."

    -Master Shake convinces Meatwad that Oog is his dad.

    -"He look dumb with curly mustache."

    -"Did you hear what I said, Denver...?"

    The Bad:

    -The appearance of the Mooninites at the end is great, but so far nothing is as funny as the aliens in season one.
  • Frylock invents an advanced super computer with special effects but the technologies make it go back in time

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". An episode that is definitely excellent with some very funny scenes that fans will laugh hard at. Fans definitely need to check out this episode, it's definitely worth your time. Frylock invents this advanced super computer with special effects. The technologies seem to be making it go back in time or something like that. The super computer with special effects that Frylock invented was pretty funny. Carl's part in this episode was also hilarious. It was also funny when Frylock's invention went through the wall and you can see Meatwad taking a shower. Shake's lines in this episode were also original and clever. The plot to everything in this episode was just all-around terrific. What can I say?... this episode is just hilarious and there really is nothing else to say after that. The Mooninites' cameo appearance at the very end of the episode was making me laugh very hard and an excellent way to end the episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and this episode is definitely recommend to all fans that need a very good laugh and a story with originality.... like I said in the beginning of my review, it's worth your time. 10/10moreless
C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird, Steve (2001-2003)

Carey Means

Carey Means

Frylock, Various Voices

Dave Willis

Dave Willis

Meatwad, Carl, Various Voices

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Master Shake, Various Voices

Schoolly D

Schoolly D


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The poster in Carl's room with the swimsuit model and the tiger on it reads "Animalistic."

    • Frylock mentions that the name of the computer, "OoGhiJ MiQtxxXA" is Klingon for "Super Galactic Intelligence."

    • One of the guys in the TV commercial for Frylock's computer is wearing a pearl necklace.

    • When Oog is shown confronting the super computer for the first time, he's standing on some sort of mountain rock and the computer is floating. When he recites his story, he is on a grass plain and the orb is on the ground.

    • There are several things wrong with Prehistoric New Jersey: Humans never existed during the age of dinosaurs; it also says, "300 million years" and clearly shows Pteranodons and T-Rex's in the background, which werent around until about 65 million years ago.

    • Frylock's room is in the reflection on the super computer; it is also visible in Prehistoric New Jersey.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Oog: Me get crazy when me no have cigarette.

    • Oog: Give to Oog. Mine, me crazy. Me rip Oog head off! RRAARR! MAGIC BALL MINE! OOG HEAD RIP!
      Meatwad: See ya later, Daddy! Don't rip your head off! You need that... for breathin' and stuff.

    • Frylock: Gentlemen, the OoGhiJ MiQtxxXA! Shake: Frylock, come on, are you really gonna call it that? Frylock: Well yeah. I mean that's the Klingon word for superiour galactic intelligence, and that's what this is. Shake: Superior galactic grandma after eating a block of cheese, smoking three packs of cigarettes, and drinkin' a quart of milk. Disgusting, that's the word. Frylock: Well, I invented it and I can call it what I want! Shake: Fine. Hey, good luck with the casual sex. I mean it. No. Because you won't get it. Not with that name. Anyway go on, I'm sorry to interrupt. Frylock: (Sighs) Meatwad what do you think? Meatwad: ...My butt itches. Frylock: Alright, alright, Fine! What should I call it then? Shake: Bad ass motha'! Meatwad: No, Snoopy! Or Shroder. One of them two. Shake: No! The Bad Ass Motha' 4000! Meatwad: The Red Baron Shake: ...Goes twice as fast as your ass!

    • Meatwad: Give him Clam Digger. Frylock: I don't think Clam Digger is, uh- Oog: Clam Digger! Give Oog Clam Digger! Meatwad: Oh, you gonna love this boy. Tyrone calls you up, you know - in the game - and he says, "I can dig more clams than you, stupid!" And you gotta say, "Nuh-uh, boy," And y'all gotta race down to the beach with your buckets and your shovels, and the object of the to find parking. Oog: No Clam Digger.

    • Meatwad: It's all starting to add up now, isn't it. The levitation... the evil book reading... them cream cookies you're always eating. You a damn witch. Frylock: Oh yeah, well whatcha gonna do about it? Meatwad: Eat pizza. Pizza time, pizza time, pizza time!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Based on rumors and discussions, the Denver comment at the end of the episode is a joke from the creators to "some smartass in Colorado." Of course, it could also be a shot at the old Denny's commercials.


    • Dell Computers
      Commercial Guy: Dude, you're getting an OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA
      This is a reference to the old Dell Computer slogan, "Dude, you're getting a Dell!"

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