Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Season 3 Episode 2

Unremarkable Voyage

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM May 09, 2004 on Adult Swim

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  • Frylock is going inside Meatwad after he ate the Microchip

    Frylock explains Master Shake and Meatwad The Microchip but they were both asleep. Then Meatwad ate the Microchip and Frylock tells him to drink gross stuff. To me it's really nasty and I won't drink that in real life. Also he urinates in this one and Master Shake dranked it and he was vomiting all over the room! I think it's nastier than before. Master Shake uses a shrink ray to shrink Frylock but Master Shake shrunk him tinier because he voice is funny. He also shrunk Carl and Meatwad. And they all were in Master Shake's eye. Meatwad beats Master Shake brutally with a bat. Also Master Shake uses a chain saw to cut his tongue and blood splatters. I think it's a violent episode of Season 3. Master Shake unshrinks Meatwad with a shrink to make him bigger again. They also have to blow out one of Shake's eyeballs to get out! Carl has an enlarged p***s and crabs came out everywhere. Carl gives Frylock a shampoo to get rid of them. I think that's a great episode but it's very violent also Master Shake's eye too. Cause it's rated TV-14 V. I give this episode 9.5 Superb!!!

  • Unremarkable Voyage

    The Good:

    -The Mooninites are outraged that the Plutonians would moon them.

    -"Baby likes back."

    -"Hello, ladies. I'd like you to meet my little friend there, Goliath. We had to order special elastic pants for him on the internet."

    -Carl's crabs get enlarged.

    The Bad:

    -The beginning and end are great, but the middle of the episode with the continuous shrinking gets tedious.
  • Frylock was going to retrieve that microchip that Meatwad ate but Shake finds the opportunity to prank Frylock and Carl with the shrink gun instead

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". It was a pretty violent episode so don't let kids watch this episode... there were just one or two violent scenes but still. The beginning of the episode was pretty funny. Meatwad eating Frylock's microchip was pretty funny. It was very funny when Frylock had to go inside Meatwad to retrieve the microchip from him but it was until Shake had the hands of the shrink gun and used the opportunity to prank Frylock and Carl. Carl poking Frylock with that pen was funny. The guys going inside Shake was pretty good as well. My score was just a little low because there were two things I did not like. First, I did not like Shake drinking Frylock's pee and then Shake throws up afterwards. Second, I know Shake pranked Carl and Frylock... he didn't really prank Meatwad though but anyways, he deserved revenge after what has happened but I just found it over the top when Carl, Frylock, and Meatwad were controlling Shake's body and they make Shake brutally hit himself and they make chop his tongue with a chainsaw and blood splatters. The ending was kind of weird but funny. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and I know this show was meant to be violent BUT... I can do without the disgusting and brutal scenes. 9/10
  • When Frylock makes the ray shake instantly takes notice, and thinks it shoots pools, but when shake gets his hands on it, things go out of hand.

    Overall, this was a good episode, it showed how stupid shake and carl are, and meatwad's lack of intelligince. But the episode did have some moments you dont want your kids to see ie shake cuts his tounge off, carl "enlarging himself". When you watch this episode, you know you hooked on this show.
  • Frylock's superior intelligence takes us on yet another exciting journey of pranks and obscenities, while Meatwad's hot-dog obsession and oral fixation continues... and so does Carl's case of the crabs.

    This episode makes me hungry. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a bag of Computo's brand name Micro-Chips... call it food for thought.

    But seriously, I thought this was a just-barely-above-average episode of ATHF. I like the idea of shrinkage and all the chipmunk voices, that had me rolling. And don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of ATHF. I have all 3 volumes of DVD released so far, and I will buy all volumes to come. But I feel that the sickness of some of the humor takes away from the over-all image that this episode will portray. That might just be my opinion, but I've seen too much sick humor being released lately. It wouldn't be so bad if less than 70% of recent entertainment wasn't saturated with it. I mean obscenities are great for a laugh, but eating someone elses vomit is crossing the imaginary line of doom in my book.

    Did I mention how funny this episode was? Man, this episode was a funnier funny than the funniest funny of all funnies. It was like 3 middle fingers in your buttocks, biznatch!