Aquaman (2006)

Season 1 Episode 1


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  • AC finds out that he is a prince from Atlantis, and is forced to fight against the sirans to save himself and his best friend Eva.

    Wow, I really liked this episode, it reminds me alot of Smallville and Buffy and it is just fantastic. It had the attitude of buffy and the feeling of a big destiny like smallville. I think that the smallville line is begaining to become over played, this would be a better replacement. The plot line is engaging too and that is what makes a fantastic show. This show is destined for greatness. This show also has the amazing Justin Hartley from smallville. I am very disapointed that this show is not going to continue. If it had then I would have most definatly watched it. I already love it and I have only seen the one show. It seems to me that this would a very popular episode. It's perfect for today's teenagers. It has a hot cast, great dialogue, and a catchy plot. I think they should def. continue with this show :)
  • When I first sat down to watch the show I didnt expect it to be so amazing.

    When I first sat down to watch the show I didnt expect it to be so amazing.
    That's the way to begin a series. Cant wait for the next eppisode. I guess you can say I was never a big fan for aquaman until now, thanks to the show.
    I never really understood why aquaman was so popular. Once I saw this eppisode I knew why. I think that The CW made a huge mistake. So many people liked this show. Well thats what I see anyways. If it is the same producers as smallville then you know it would have been a great series.
    Atleast they could have made 1 season... instead of 1 eppisode...
    hope it comes back!!!!
  • The pilot of Aquaman was very good.

    The pilot of Aquaman was very good. I liked learning about Aquaman because, I did not know that much about Aquaman. I was glad that the creators of Smallville tried to do a spin off of Smallville, and I wish that the CW had picked Aquaman up. I think that the pilot episode was not enough to learn that much about Aquaman and how he became a superhero. I wish that you could have seen the city of Atlantis in the pilot because that would have been very interesting to see how it would look. I think that Aquaman could have lasted a couple of seasons, because the pilot was very good.
  • The episode starts out showing Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman acting in the interest of animals from the sea. But very quickly he begins to realize he has so quite unique abilities when and around the water.

    This being the first and Last episode of Aquaman show is a shame, Not only did this show have the potential to be big it could have been great!!! However i really don't see a reason for canceling this show, i mean most shows that are cancelled are either dumb or lack potential, have ran their course an have ended piecefully, or are canceled because of ratings. this show fits none of these categories. In my opinion CW has made a big mistake, they could have had a power house with Smallville, Supernatural and Aquaman. However this might lead to the birth of other comic book heros coming to the our tv screen i wouldn't minded watching any hero as long as they are potrayed nicely.
  • Awesome begining... Great special effects... Nice fighting scene... Sounds like an AMEN to me!

    WoW!! I hardly get excited after watching pilot episodes because they actually need to keep my captivated from the begining til the end. Either I got that thing for super heroes (which is most likely it) or that was just AWESOME.

    Sa the episode started off with AC getting arrested for releasing daulphins. I wasn't suprised since he confessed having done so in Smallville (I know both arent conected, but you know... AC style)... He sounded all GreenPeacer...
    His Father, total party pooper! He's in the US Navy army and bad things pretty much seemed to revolve around those Navy seals. I dont know what to think about him, but either his involved in some strange thngs, either he dont know whats going on within the Army itself.

    The evil mermaid was cool too. Though I hate the way they have to kill those things... sounded vampire-ish, but instead of hitting the heart, they have to stab between the eyes. Worst is that they end up in ashes. I guess it takes what it takes for a show to not be too gory. Thumbs up on the mermaid's power of suggestion. That's an awesome power. Though I was kinda disapointed to see how Evil-Ariel didn't use it while fighting with AC. A bit lame if you'd ask.

    The storyline now... And I will be trying really hard not to compare it with Smallville! Summarized, it would be something like: AC (Orion) is the son of the Altantis King, which was killed for saving both the underwater world and the human world from starting a war. NOw its time for him to takeback daddy's kingdom... That's where the journey starts. I love the idea!!

    My expectations for this show are simple... There are already 2 chicks brought up in the storyline, Eva and the one AC saved. Now Eva sounds more like a best friend (if she survives that is) but that other girl... I can smell a love interest from miles around. I just hope it wont become the main focus of the show and if they cant work it out, puuuulease, dont drag it around for 10 thousand seasons.
    Shipping must die!

    All in all, I already love the show, loved that episode and I'm only looking forward for other great episodes. Lets hope this will be the begining of a new era.
    9.5/10 and a standing ovation for the PILOT!
  • Well acted, good visual effects and a breathtaking beginning will ensure that you will enjoy this pilot!

    The director, Greg Beeman, knows what he is doing! It's nice to see his progression, since he's done a great job with Smallville. The acting is good too, and to see faces like Ving Rhames and Lou Diamond Philips in this show, gives a certain depth and builds a thrustworthy pilot from a to z. Rick Peter did a good job too, but since there have been only one episode yet, it's really too early to tell.

    The visual effects were good in overall, some "fake" impressions along the way, but since this is a tv-episode and not a multi-million Hollywood-picture, the series brings some really good effects.

    I'm just hoping the show will get it's fair chance of episodes before the network chooses what to do with it.
  • Really didn't enjoy this show...

    I usually really like super hero stories and most pilot are great (just look at the Heroes one for example).
    But here, I was really disapointed. Well first I don't know the story of Aquaman so maybe the show is making the best of it but the plot sounded so wrong to me.
    I mean even the first scene with the son and mother in the drowning plane felt like a joke to me when I usually have no trouble picturing a Wolverine or Superman if you see what I mean.

    Anyways, if the show finds its public, good for it, but I won't be one of them...
  • A young man, A.C., runs a dive shop with his good friend Eva until stange events happen to him and lead him to his destiny.

    Let's start with the acting. It felt... like a pilot. Not everyone seemed to know their character and some reactions seemed off. But there was potential, especially with two big names like Ving Rhames and Lou Diamond Philips. Rick Peters character was also particularly interesting and intriguing.

    Directing: Greg Beeman, known for his work with Smallville, did a great job with this episode. It looks really great from beginning to end. Tne underwater scene are particularly beautiful.

    Visual effects: The weakest part of this episode, by far. The place looked particularly fake.

    Plot/writting: The plot for the episode was okay. I love the characters, but the siren plotline seemed useless. They could have done a character only driven episode without this plot or make the siren a recuring character for a short arc (2 - 5) episodes. In one episode, the person that probably killed A.C. mother is dead. More could have done with that...

    Future of the show: AL & Miles ventured on a interesting notes with the bermuda triangle and atlantis. It could have led to interesting and mysterious storyline (if they'd avoided the freak of the week).

    All in all, the episode was good and the possibilities for series seemed even better. Unfortunately, we may well never see what could have been...

  • The next installment of the DC superheroes in their youth by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Aquaman has huge potential and the pilot does it justice.

    When Alfred Gough and Miles Millar announced they were going to make a spin-off of Smallville following the young life of Arthur Curry, I was intreaged to say the least. Aquaman may not be as popular as the other DC heroes, like Batman and the Man of Steel himself, but he can hold his own.

    As for the Pilot, Justin Hartley is not who we saw in the cameo appearance in Smallville, but he does a good job as AC is his youth, though I would have prefered Alan Ritchson, but I'll give the new guy a chance. Opening with AC as just a small boy and his mother, we see the origins begin as their plane goes down and AC float to the surface as his mother takes on a creature of the deep. Skipping to his 20's, we see Auther being arrested for freeing dolphins from the local aquarium. A common offence, as we hear the sheriff say.

    Over the course of the Pilot, we see AC deal with small problems associated with being a Aqua-loving, dive shop owner aswell as a government investigation into the strange line of occurrences at the Bermuda Triangle, including a Navy Pilot who had been missing for over 60+ years is now rising from the deep.

    Toward the end of the Pilot, AC is attacked by a aquatic creature later informed to him by a man who saved AC's life. McCaffery, the man who safed AC's life, informed him the creature is called a Siren and it was after him. Ac's is told the story of Atlanis and his history as prince. Finding it hard to believe, it doesnt take him long to finally begin to embrace his origins.

    As prevously mentioned, Aquaman has potential, but that is for the CW to find on it's own. Maybe it recieving cult status on iTunes will give it the boost it deserves and get it into the mid-season rush for at least a one season trial run. Give it a chance before drowning it out.

    - Ryan