Season 1 Episode 32

The War of the Quatix and the Bimphabs

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 1968 on CBS

Episode Recap

Aqualad and Tusky are racing home when they run into Aquaman who informs them they are needed for a top-secret assignment. When they arrive for a briefing they are told that a new planet has been discovered, planet Q-344. The new planet is entirely covered in water and is inhabited by intelligent life. Aquaman agrees to explore the new planet for the government. Aquaman, Aqualad and Tusky are loaded into a specially designed water-filled space capsule and blast off in a giant interplanetary rocket ship for planet Q-344. They have three hours to explore the new planet and get back to the mothership or they will be stranded. When they arrive on the planet Aquaman discovers that he can't communicate with the inhabitants, the Quatix and the Bimphabs who are at war with each other. They are captured by the Quatix who think the visitors from Earth are Bimphabs. Aquaman escapes only to be attacked by the Bimphabs and finds himself in the middle of their war. Aquaman is able to communicate with a creature that resembles a giant squid from Earth. The squid-like creature captures a Quatix and a Bimphab and Aquaman tells them if they do not stop their war they will all be destroyed. They agree to live in peace and Aquaman, Aqualad and Tusky are able to return to the mothership just as the three hour time-limit is running out and are able to return to Earth.

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