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  • Another very strange and not entirely sensible anime.

    The plot focuses on a time when humanity is under attack from creatures called shadow angels. The only ones who can defeat these angels are a group of teenagers who are reincarnations of the people who defeated the shadow angels 12,000 years ago and can pilot ships called vectors. This show is full of plot holes and filled with meaningless psychobabble and pseudosexual nonsense. The characters are unrealistic and not very convincing and there is virtually no development throughout the show. In fact the only reason to keep watching is the awesome visuals and animation which are actually spectacular, other than that give it a miss.
  • A capable teen variation on the "Voltron" theme.

    The Earth had long been rid of the menace known as the Shadow Angels... or so everyone thought. The abrupt return of the deadly breed provokes a group of young pilots to take to the skies. If they don't respond in time, the invaders will rob everyone of their energy, or prana. The artwork isn't bad, and even though one character kept screaming her head off for no apparent reason, most of the characters are all right. This show could have used a bit more dramatic oomph, but it's all right if you are looking for something similar to "G Force" or the like.
  • Fundamental story with an interesting twist.

    Now to be honest this will only be half of the review considering that the second part of this season isn't due out until July. As it is though, wow, what an amazing show! Storyline, characters, and music are all well done. I picked this up because I am a fan of the Escaflowne series(which by the way awesome show!) and I am glad to report it was no where near the let down that many other reviewers have lead me to believe. However the storyline and the characters could be expanded upon by leaps and bounds, easily. The down side to this is that it would turn a 6 or 7 disc series into at least double that length. Overall I was and am very impressed by the story. I am a big fan of the past lives ploy and I think that this series plays the "card" well. I am excited to see where it goes and how much the characters will grow by the end. All said and done this is a good series worth the watch!