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... The CW will air just about anything to lure in today's fickle, valuable youths, and come January 2015, those youths will gather 'round their television sets to watch the World Dog Awards. The event will celebrate pooches in entertainment, the military, and viral videos, and it will be watched by literally tens of people. I'm going to be so pissed if Bear from Person of Interest gets Tatiana Maslany'd! [CW via press release]


... TV Land has canceled Kirstie, which starred Kirstie Alley as a Broadway star whose life is turned upside-down and backwards when her long-lost son shows up looking to reconnect with his mother. Wow! Sounds wacky! Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards also starred, making Kirstie the Mt. Rushmore of second-fiddle '80s and '90s sitcom stars. [Deadline]

... In more positive TV Land news, the network has ordered 10 episodes of Jim Gaffigan's The Gaffigan Show, which was originally developed for CBS. The single-camera comedy stars Gaffigan as a man who's struggling to balance work and family in New York City, you know the drill. And in a somewhat unique dual-network set-up, episodes will air on Comedy Central within a week of their TV Land debut. Ashley Williams, Adam Goldberg, and Michael Ian Black will also star. [TV Land via press release]

... VH1 has ordered a third season of Hit the Floor, its original drama about basketball and apparently murder. The Season 2 finale will air Monday, August 11, so tune in then to find out whether the L.A. Devils win the championship and Olivia's killer is identified! This makes basketball sound dangerous, guys! [VH1 via press release]


... The Originals' Claire Holt has landed one of the lead roles in NBC's Aquarius, the Charles Manson drama starring David Duchovny, with Game of Thrones' Renly Baratheon as the infamous serial killer. Holt will play a female cop, which means her main hang-up will likely be convincing people to take her seriously amid all the male-dominated cop chest-thumping. [Deadline]

... Kyra Sedgwick will drop by Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a couple episodes in Season 2. She'll play a deputy chief and longtime rival of Captain Holt's who makes life hard for Holt and his precinct. This sounds like a situation where Andy Samberg will make some funny faces in his underpants! [EW]

... Netflix's older-crowd comedy Grace and Frankie has added some young'uns. Some lady named Brooklyn Decker (super model) and Ethan Embry (Once Upon a TimeBrotherhood) will join Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda in the series about two women who find out that their husbands (played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) are gay and planning to marry each other. Decker will play Fonda's daughter, and Embry will play Tomlin's son. [TV Line]

... Syfy's upcoming 12 Monkeyredo (check out the first trailer here) has cast the role that was originally played by Brad Pitt in the Terry Gilliam film. And get this, the character will be a girl! Emily Hampshire (Rookie Blue) will play Jennifer Goines, an unstable mental patient. Also joining the cast is Tom Noonan (DamagesHell on Wheels), as a mysterious villain. [Syfy via press release]

... CSI has tapped chiseled action-star god Mark Valley (FringeHuman Target) for a recurring role in Season 15. He'll play a P.I. who works with Elisabeth Shue's Finlay to find his missing partner. And yes, they will probably boink. [EW]

... The Blacklist has tapped House of Cards' Mozhan Marno as a former Mossad agent and current spy who butts heads with Red Reddington. She'll be a series regular, so don't fall for all those near-death experiences she'll inevitably have in the first 21 episodes of Season 2. [THR]

... Nowwwwwww here's a little story I got to tell about one bad brother, you know sorta-well. It started way back in history and it might be coming soon to your TV. Ron Livingston (Swingers) has landed the role of Paul Revere in AMC's comedy pilot We Hate Paul Revere, about a pair of dudes who live in Colonial Boston and do not care for Mr. "The British Are Coming!" The project is written by and stars Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner. In related news, can you believe The Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill came out almost 28 years ago? [Deadline]


... Here is some very important information regarding Julia Shumway on Under the Dome:


... Here's Lily's take on last night's totally teary Bachelorette finale, in which two personality-free statues fell in love and one guy nearly killed himself on live TV.

... Price watched last night's Teen Wolf and did his typically hilarious thing with it!

... Last night's Under the Dome was so dumb that it's a wonder I'm still able to form full sentences. 

... Just when you thought internet lists couldn't get any sillier, I went and compiled the best shows on every network RIGHT NOW!

... Arrow has its Wildcat! Rawr!

... FX has announced a Season 6 premiere date for The League.

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