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  • Two boys with a secret spaceship - great series!!

    Every kid's dream is probably to be able to have their own space ship and be able to fly in it. Well Tom and Geoff found just that on a school trip to an archaelogical dig one day. It's the life pod of a Yrillian Battle Cruiser, it runs on air and can even go into space!
    I loved this show so much. Every day I wished I had a ship like that. It was based on a book of the same name by author, Andrew Norriss. A few things are different in the series to the book and in my opinion these things turned out better in the series.
    2 series were made and they sadly ended on a cliffhanger when the boys found out that the battle cruiser the pod came from would be in Earth's orbit and they could go visit it. This never happened however as the series was cancelled, due to (I presume) the actors having their GSCE exams coming up and just being unable to finish it. This saddened me since it was a great series, one of the best kids dramas of that time!
  • Two boys find an ancient hiudden alien ship in a dig and return the ship to life...

    From what I can remember from watching this series as a child it was a little barmy and a little silly wasn't it? Two boys find a ship and use it to their own advantage, but never once being noticed doing it (thanks to the invisability field!). The first season drew me in with OTT storylines, and gripped me instantly. Every character is likeable in a sense, and unlike a lot of modern children's television, the characters do have motivations and seemed well sketched out. So, ok, the acting was a little on the wooden side, but who cares when we are having so much fun. A great series that slightly forfilled my needs for new Doctor Who for a little while.