Arcade Gamer Fubuki

(ended 2003)


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Arcade Gamer Fubuki

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Judging by her appearance Fubuki Sakuragasaki would seem to be just your adverage, short skirt wearing, cute middle schooler who usually has a some what glazed over look on her face. Well then you would be wrong and here is the reason why. Fubuki Sakuragasaki has, through her amazing gaming skills moved up the ranks of B.A.G. or (Best of Arcade Gamer) an international event/tournament of gaming events that is annually held to determine who will become the world greatest arcade gamer. Which would be an easy task for master gamer Fubuki if it was not for the interferance of the evil Gulastic Group who are out for world domination and hope to obtain their goal by means of their amazing gaming skills in said tournament. To save the world of arcade gaming for everyone Fubuki must gather her strength and work together with the legendary Mr. Mystery and combat against the four gaming gods.


Rebecca Handler

Rebecca Handler

Ruriko Sakuragasaki, Additional Voices