Season 3 Episode 9

Bloody Ferlin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on FXX

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  • West Virginia Bound

    Lana and Archer respond to an alarm at ISIS late at night and discover Gillette stealing weapons and stuff from the armory. Some of the revelations are that he can, in fact, walk and has been faking the whole time even though everyone did just assume that he was paralyzed. Apparently his brother is being shaken down by a local sheriff who bullied Ray while he was a kid and now wants to seize his brother's drug farm for his own with police resources. Ray takes Archer and Carol, who is to pose as his wife to avoid gay questions, and all this is being kept from Malory on Archer's going with Ray. Cyril, Lana, and Pam must keep the secret and elaborately make the burglary of the armory look more dastardly than it actually is. Krieger is into hobo shock fights and gets Pam into fighting against some of his hobos as an agreement to shut down the network of ISIS to throw Malory off the burglary being a hoax. While in West Virginia Archer is turned on by Ray's brother's wife who is totally hot and they all eat her pie (actual pie, weirdo) and it turns out that Ray's brother's wife, Ginette, has an open marriage and so Ray's brother actually bangs Carol and will let Archer do the same with Ginette. The sheriffs arrive and Ray and the rest all open fire on the cops and when the sheriff bad guy tells him that he only wants to arrest his brother Ray realizes that he has been lied to and his brother gets hauled off to jail for life never knowing that Ray is gay even though he tries to come out several times. But the Sheriff does in fact drop a few hints of attraction on him in regards to dance shoes or something so something good came out of it. In the end Malory is informed by Pam about the whole thing.Overall a decent enough episode, seeing Archer not get laid for once and swig moonshine, especially when Ray says that he's drunk too much and Archer asks, "That's a thing?"