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All that cocaine has really done wonders for the Archer crew, because now they think they have enough energy to last for quite some time. According to my secret sources (okay, it's just The Hollywood Reporter), FX has ordered two more seasons of the raunchy animated series, ensuring that Archer will live to see Season 7 and remain on the air through 2016. 

Archer reinvented itself this season by revealing that spy operation ISIS wasn't a government organization, and that Sterling, Lana, and everyone else's place of employment was an independently funded private outfit. So ISIS did what it had to when the feds shut it down: Changed its main source of income from espionage-for-hire to the sale of confiscated cocaine! And maybe also starting a country-music jug band. 

This renewal isn't a surprise. Archer's been doing great for FX in the key 18-49 demographic, and according to THR, it's the second-highest-rated basic cable comedy among that age group. Even a two-season renewal isn't that shocking—that's just how FX rolls. 

But the real question is, and I want you to answer it in the comments, does the show have enough left in the creative tank to run for two more seasons?

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