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Ah, my first season finale of Archer and it did not disappoint me at all. So much twists, humour, Archer without a clue and a new addition to the ISIS team. Who could ask for more? I had never seen an Archer before episode 4 of this season, but a photo Grumpyclown put up for his recap drew my attention. It spoke to my slightly twisted mind and told me I should watch it. I loved it, never turned away and even became the recap aficionado doing the last episodes of the season.But I am not, I still have to catch up on season 2, 3 and 4, so I sometimes miss paert of the fun. Also, I’m not American so I’ll miss part of the references. We did have great discussions on the American history in the comments of Palace Intrigue part II and on cars in the last episode Filibuster.

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Back to this season finale where we see the transformation from cocaine dealers to secret agents and from quarreling Lana and Archer to ‘mommy and daddy’. We even got an ‘I love you’ from Lana for Archer which made him just fade out of this world. To be honest, I did expect Archer to be her daddy but I got from other fans that they did not see that coming. Maybe the fact that In only have seen a few episodes helped. But I did get the special relation Lana and Archer have. Although I haven’t seen season 4 and didn’t know if it was told who knocked her off but did know that Archer had not had sex with her, I just kept nagging he was the father. To make clear they are family, his newly acquired daughter Abbiejean flipped him the bird with the wrong finger, although she might have been pointing him out to wait his turn. She is learning very fast to be a real Archer. And, we missed a few chances of phrasing, although the best comment of the evening was of Cherlene, without her knowing it of course. For me, this episode tied up all the loose ends of the season in an elegant way.

All this started where we left off last episode (see the recap of Filibuster) where Lana said her water broke and Archer was flabbergasted, worried, nervous, afraid and uptight as he can be.

We can see he is committed to Lana in a way that is beyond normal friendship. Archer surprises Lana and us that he is certified as a doula, although Lana does not seem to take any further notice. A good question would have been to ask him why he did certify, but she never did. I assume it’s part of all these unfulfilled emotions towards Lana. Knowing how it will end, it obviously also is part of the setup to get us viewers confused a bit. Knowing what we know now, it feels a bit strange. In a clear moments she tells the CIA that there is a nerve gas missile at the palace so there is real threat for them.

When Holly wants to call Calderón, Archer has to tell him the tiger ate him. After Slater requests a full invasion of San Marcos, Holly then tells them it’s all been a CIA plan all along to invade and the cocaine was just about their annual budget. They need to spend the money to get an increase next year. Having spent the first years of my working life on the agency that was responsible for government ICT purchases in my country, I did so recognise this behaviour. December was always a winner as about 30% of our purchases were done in that month. When I visited government offices I saw those unopened boxes all around the office, all just to make sure their budget wasn’t cut. I have never been the same towards government.

Lana wasn’t that pleased with Archer when Slater told her Archer was in on it from the start. Her contractions do not keep her from doing what she wants to do that moment: strangling Archer.

Archer must have lied to her and as we find out later, that is the one thing she does not accept. When Holly and Slater try to get out, they are stopped by an adrenaline filled Lana whose contractions get worse.

In the meantime, Krieger and Ray are trying to disarm the warhead with 60 minutes to spare.

At the palace, Cyril is still trying to be the president and is confronted by Il Comandante that there are incoming American bombers and also that he is having an affair with the first lady.

Juliana must have been a busy lady with so many men at her feet. But to be honest, I do understand…… Malory wants to do the one sensitive thing: flee and lute the palace by taking furs, jewels, the silverware, bullion, anything she can cram in a suitcase. When Juliana challenges them, Malory just tells her she should do the same.

It is the last moment we see Juliana and I miss her already. I do hope to see her back next season, probably as the sexy secret agent that is trying to seduce Archer. If she needs a place to hide in between, I know a good place.

Archer still is trying to get Lana into shape to deliver the baby, but as he’s afraid to look into her nether regions, he asks Cherlene to do so.

At the rocket launch site, time is pressing and Ray and Krieger are finally having a eureka moment: the rocket isn’t dangerous, only the nerve gas is.

Back at the airport the adorable part of the family is preparing to take off with Calderón’s jet. Cherlene takes Holly and Slater to get the jet ready for take off and Lana is still yelling for morphine. Although as I guy I have never been subjected to a birth, I always expected Lana to be more stout.

On their way out, Malory, Pam and Cyril, who has disguised himself in order not to be caught by the rebels,

run into Krieger and Ray carrying the canister with nerve gas they didn’t want to leave unattended.

When they arrive at the airport, Malory gets Archer out of Lana’s sight as he was checking out her crowning. Luckily Pam is an expert in calf delivery and offers her help. The three of them have a warm woman to woman talk on delivering babies (like you're the only one who ever had a baby in a war zone) and Pam dives in.

After a last scream by Lana and a desperate attempt of Archer to get in,

Pam appears and tells the its a girl saying the intriguing words: “And whoever had black guy, pay up”. So, it’s a mixed or white baby, probably from a caucasian father.

We skip a few moments that might have been problematic for our freedom fighters and find ourselves in the air plane of former dictator, now ‘tiger meal’, Calderón, where Lana is resigning from whatever organisation she’s still part. She really didn’t like Archer lying to her about the CIA deal with the cocaine. Malory saves the day, ignoring how hard it must be for her to tell the truth, and tells her Archer didn’t know.

After we get to know that Krieger never put a chip in Cherlene’s brain to make her a country singer but it just was a sticker of the backpack of a lego spaceman, we see Malory taking on the CIA in the person of Holly. She has an agenda: getting to be a secret agency again and she seems to succeed. Holly has a $50 million hole in his account and Malory offers the Ivan Blitko painting of $ 40 million and for the rest she just blackmails him by threatening to go to later with the deal and make him skydive without a parachute.

In the last scenes of the season it really gets emotional. Lana starts to explain to him that how she came to use the sperm he had frozen at Dr. Feldman’s office some years ago. She tells him he is, all the other stuff aside, physically, an amazing human being and she actually loves him. Archer reaction: he just fades out.

When he comes by, Lana welcomes him with the epic words: Sterling Archer, I'd like you to meet your daughter, Abbiejean.

And we’ve got all the cliffhangers we need for next season.

All along the episode we saw US fighter pilots having a conversation on a sugar uncle, friend of the family etc. of the pilot. It was very funny, but it also felt a bit off for the episode. It just didn't fit in well for me. But they did bomb the palace we have seen being degraded from a beautiful palace three episodes ago to a ruin now.


No phrasing, although Ray came close. But, Pam made up for that with her remark "On who?" (see below at the lines of the night).

I needed to use the urban dictionary a lot of times this episode just to understand what they were saying. But that only made it better as all these urban words make more innuendo and more playful scenes possible.

I lost it when the baby made the "wait a minute" sign while drinking. Taking after daddy already.

I’ve read the name of the daughter also written as Abijean, Aubergine and Abigene, so not all know what the writers want it to be. It is an unusual name so I’m curious if it has a specific background. All in all, the bay will be called Baby A.J. next season probably.

The dynamic of the show should change with a baby for Lana and Archer, but what would that do to the show? I am excited to see all the trouble that Archer can get into while babysitting.

Did we get any indication if we still have the real deal or that Krieger is a clone? He did seem to downplay the importance of identity a lot.

Even Cherlene had a great moment of realization that her country talent was within her all along. the only problem might be that if Krieger is a clone, he might have made it up on the spot.

Cyril had a great Rambo moment in his ‘Nothing is over’ speech.

Edmund Burke, quoted by Krieger, is unknown to me. The same with Robert Newton Peck although I can guess he wrote a children’s book about a farm and cows delivering calves.

For us men this episode of course is also a lesson: As Lana uses Archer's sperm without his consent, be extra careful and always stay vigilant!

Krieger being called a Hitler clone by Malory is still horrible, although it might be true. It was mentioned in Season 2 Ep 7 "Placebo Effect", that Krieger's dad was a nazi scientist, whom fled to Brazil and Krieger was a possible clone of Hitler.

When Malory talks about coupes and says: “the last thing you'll ever hear, besides a pistol cocking behind your head, is Ivan's laugh”, there must be a (running) joke in there somewhere. I just don’t know what joke.

As I haven’t seen any other full seasons but season 1, I can’t say how this season compared to the others. I know it was different and fans wanted to return to the spy business, but I really did enjoy this season. If the others are better, I am really going to have a good time watching them.

Lines of the night

Archer: Start a clock, assholes!
Slater: Uh, okay. Mark!
Cherlene: Twain! No, that's barges.

Archer: What's your Bishop Score?!
Lana: How should I...? Wait. How do you even know what a Bishop Score is?
Archer: I got certified as a doula, which, turns out, is not that hard.

Archer: Oh, did I mention, a tiger ate him?
Holly: What?!
Slater: Wait. What?!
Cherlene: Well, not ‘ate’ ate.
Archer: Well, no, but by now...

Lana: Okay, so, am I just stupid, or...?
Cherlene: Duh. Pregnant.

Holly: He only had cocaine, but Iran was like, "No way. Cash only." So...
Archer & Lana: Iran?!
Holly: Ooh, sorry. Iraq. Wait. No, Iran. No, doesn't matter who.

Ray: Yeah, Krieger, I guess trying to defuse a warhead tipped with deadly nerve gas is technically exciting.
Krieger: Yeah, right?
Ray: What is wrong with you?
Krieger: Nothin', Roy.
Ray: Or Ray.

Comandante: And I hate to tell you this, but the First Lady and I are having an affair.
Cyril: Damn, dawg..That was my B.

Malory (laughing): Oh, we're taking everything! Furs, jewels, the silverware, bullion, anything you can cram in a suitcase!
Pam: Mm, mm. Wouldn't bullion leak out of a...?

Cherlene: Aww... All the gardeners are running away.
Holly: Because this entire country's about to be up to its tits in U.S. Marines.

Cherlene: What's wrong with her?
Archer: Wha...? She's having a baby!
Cherlene: Gross.

Archer: Shut up. Okay, Carol, I need you to look down there and give me a sit-rep. Cherlene: Down where?

Cherlene: I'm not looking at her goddamn va... Joinks! Well, you don't need to shave. That thing is smooth.
Lana: I...! Thank you.
Cherlene: And also kind of mauve.

Malory: As my witness.
Pam: God hates you.

Cyril: Will you two come on?!
Pam: On what?

Holly: After the air strike on the palace, you won't be able to swing a dead cat around here without hitting a Marine.
Cherlene: Plus, if you did, I bet they'd smash your teeth down your stupid throat.

Cyril: But what if the rebels recognize me?
Malory: If...
Pam: Yeah, and then drag him out of the car and kneel him down and shoot him in the back of the head and string him up on a lamppost like Mussolini!
Cyril: Yeah. What then?
Malory: That's a chance I'm willing to take.
Pam: Me too.

Krieger: The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.
Malory: Said the clone of Adolf Hitler.
Krieger: Well... Edmund Burke, but… Doesn't matter who.

Cyril: (groans) I wasn't in the sperm donor pool.
Ray: Phra... Wait, are we still doing phrasing?

Pam: Get some hay ready to dry this little bastard off because now you are gonna push!

Malory: Or right after I take this deal to your partner in the cockpit...
In the cockpit: Ray: So, what's your deal?
Slater: What's my deal?
Ray: Never mind.
Malory: Because you suddenly decided to take up skydiving. (cocks gun)
Holly: I think we may have a deal here.

Lana: And all the other stuff aside, physically, you're an amazing human being. And all the other other stuff aside, I do actually love you.

Lana: Sterling Archer, I'd like you to meet your daughter, Abbiejean
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