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Thursday 10:00 PM on FX
K-LOG is in the hizouse! (not sure if I did that right)

We start off in the middle of a jam session with Cherlene and her band - when did they become a band? - which disturbs Lana from her rest and sets up the plots for this episode.

The Baby shower

After settling the fact that they were indeed in a hootenannie, Ray lets the group know that Lana might be a bit down due to the fact that they had forgotten to throw her a baby shower (as well as screwing up her sleep by recording during 'Magic Hour').

Cyril and Ray are unable to help because they will be assisting Krieger with his online cocaine business.

Archer delegates most of the work to Woodhouse after he discovers the perfect baby shower gift - Kenny Loggins!

So he and Pam go off to try and convince Kenny to perform and find out which hotel he is staying at.

Unfortunately, their first encounter does not end well - Archer get tazed twice.

This does not deter the pair and they end up getting onto Mr Loggins room - where he is on the phone, trying to get his publicist to to promote him as K-Logg - and a fight ensues because K-Logg thinks Archer may be working for someone called Borgnar, who is after the glowing contents of his briefcase (which may contain "either plutonium or a human soul").

After Archer saves K-Logg's life, he agrees to perform at the baby shower.
But Lana is more excited by the other presents the group give her and the gift of Archers own crib.

Kriegers Coke Deal

Krieger has found a way to sell the cocaine online in exchange for his own variation of bit-coins - and has already made him $800,00.

Ray and Cyril are brought in to help with the packaging, (as Kriegers virtual girlfriend can't), which they have to do in their underwear.

It turns out the deal is a scam and Mallory is out of pocket because of all the baby stuff she bought Lana.


* K-LOG is comedy gold!
* Is it wrong that I really want to see them play 'the dirty diaper game'?
* Pam and Archer are making a nice duo.
* Mallory and the Virtual girl stare down was cool.
* Archer remembered how to count bullets again!
* I like the way they are steadily developing Archer and Lana's relationship - and Woodhouse helped it along nicely this week

Lines of the night:

Archer: Man, I am blowing this jug!

Archer: Imma playin a Red Fern for ya jug!

Ray: Besides keeping everybody up all night with your damn hootenannies...
Archer: Wait, that was a hootenanny?

Archer: Cyril, shut your pout-hole, accept the fact that Lana was so far out of your league, that impregnating her would have basically been interspecies breeding, and get on with your life!

Kenny Loggins: Ricky, bad touch

Archer: I don't know about you, but I"m gonna be pretty upset if I end up having to murder Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins: I don't wanna read about Kenny Loggins. I wanna read about K-LOG!

Kenny Loggins: You think K-Log needs to pay for sex, do ya?
Archer: No...but that being said, I do think he needs to re-evaluate this whole "K-Log" thing.

Kenny Loggins: Is there some way I can make this up to you?
Pam: A beej!
Archer: Pam!

Archer: And no, Kenny Loggins, there is no way to make up almost killing me over a briefcase, full of what I can only assume is either plutonium or a human soul!

Lana: It's from a song?
Archer: Yes it's from a song! Recorded by Grammy winner and possible Faustian bargain maker Kenny goddamn Loggins!

Other stuff:

Here is the first draft of the Archer Vice daydream for episode 1 (its mostly just the animatic stage of production, but its still interesting:

And you can now purchase Cherlene's album from iTunes :

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