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Thursday 10:00 PM on FXX
Archers back!

The opening musical sequence, with Archer basically waltzing through the office with a bunch of roses, I have to admit, was a bit off putting for me - I heard they were going in a different direction this season, but a musical?

Thankfully a heavily armed tactical unit brought the music to an end with some flash bangs and gunfire.

It turned out that ISIS had never actually been working for the U.S. government and the FBI were here to shut them down.

The group are taken into custody and quickly turn on Malory and Sterling - we also get some recaps of some of ISIS' memorable adventures.

A hostage situation ensues, but it turns out Malory has cut a deal - they all get immunity and in exchange ISIS is shut down.

The final few minutes are spent in Malory's office, where over drinks, the crew discuss there possible futures - Cyril might go back to being a lawyer, Cheryl might become a Country singer - and then Malory reveals The White Elephant, A TON OF COCAINE, and the episode finishes with a montage of scenes from the upcoming episodes.
Archer gets the last words though, when he whispers "Archer:..Vice"


*The final few minutes felt a bit weak, but as they are seemingly resetting the premise, I understand why they did it.

*I'm not a bit musical fan, but some of the reactions during that opening scene were pretty funny.

*How many of you knew who Beakers boss was?

*Special Agent In Charge Holly was voiced by Gary Cole

*How do you think Archer is going to get a pet tiger?

*Lana turned down Archers proposal. Do you think this was a good thing?

*Lucky Yates - Krieger - has been added to the credits (Overdue imo)

I can't think of any show as popular as Archer that has ever said "Screw it, let just change EVERYTHING in the new season", scrap the background story of the previous 4 seasons and go in a new direction - but its a solid start.

Because the characters and writing are so good, I don't really see a problem with them being in the drug business and no longer being spies. In fact, I like the options this gives them.

Lines of the night -

Malory -"I can save you from life in prison! Sorry Ramona, I know to you it's just one big sexy briar patch."

Krieger - "Is it murder if they were my own clones? I'm seriously asking."

Lana - "Screw you, Mr 'My mothers a lying bitch and I'm too stupid to realize my life is a pathetic Joke'!"
Archer - "Oh, nice to meet you Mrs 'Hello my kids from a sperm donor since I can't keep a man because, in addition to my gillion neuroses, I HAVE A WEIRD LOOKING VAGINA!'

Krieger - "I'll be your doctor."
Lana - "Well, if I want Hitler's DNA spliced into him, I'll give you a call."
Krieger - "Yeah, I'm around."

Lana - "What, we form a cartel?"
Malory - "Well, how hard can it be ... "
Lana - "Don't."
Malory - "... if Mexicans can do it."
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