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Thursday 10:00 PM on FXX
For your viewing pleasure, poster for season 5. I wonder what "Vice" means.

But wait a minute...I'm fairly certain I've seen something similar recently. Oh, here it is:

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That would probably be Vice as in Miami vice and Archer being Sonny Crockett. You need to be a child of the 80's to appreciate it.

Actually, I am a child of the 80s, Miami Vice began airing only a few months before I was born. So I am aware of it, was aware of it as a kid, and I of course understand that the word "Vice" in the poster alludes to the show. What I wonder about is how it relates to this season of Archer, because previous posters for the show have had hints to what is to come. Will there be a storyline set in Miami, or will a large part of the season be connected to Miami? Chris Parnell said in a recent interview that there is going to be a "big shakeup" in season five, so is the poster hinting at that?

Also, when I said that I've seen a similar picture somewhere, I used the word "recently" specifically because I didn't want to refer to Miami Vice. I remembered I had seen that picture of Michael just a while ago, and not only is his suit similar to Archer's, but their facial features and hair are similar. Sonny looks quite different from Archer, even though the suit with the rolled up sleeves is spot-on.
If you were born in 1984, you were a toddler of the 80's. You're more of a 90's kid. Also how can a 6 year old (MV cancelled in 1990) be "aware" of Miami Vice? Was your father a drug lord? I don't think you got the Miami Vice reference until you Googled it. It's okay to tell the truth.
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