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Jun 03, 2016
Well... THAT just happened, and the show's not yet renewed - SPOILERS
Spoiler alert for Deadly Velvet pt 2.

I said spoilers!

So that just happened, they just pulled that. Reviews for this episode are pretty polarized so far, but the fact that this episode was able to kill Sterling Archer and the series may not return is an odd way to go out.

There wasn't much for the main cast to do if their names weren't H. Jon Benjamin in this episode, it was kind of on the rails storytelling which meant focusing on Veronica Deane and Sterling Archer the majority of the tale, with just antics for the rest. The episode leaned heavily upon Sunset Blvd and The Maltese Falcon for that material, although intentionally flatter and more obvious.

If this is the way the show goes out, are you ok with that? I don't know that I would be, it doesn't really have the punch ...Read more
Jan 29, 2015
When is Archer taking place? At first I thought, it was now, but then I noticed the computers and the clothes they were wearing. They were also saying KGB when KGB does not exist since the end of the Soviet Union. And right when I thought that it was in the 80s, this season they use touch screen phones. Which were created 2000 and on. So when is Archer taking place?
Dec 20, 2013
New Poster for Season 5
For your viewing pleasure, poster for season 5. I wonder what "Vice" means.

But wait a minute...I'm fairly certain I've seen something similar recently. Oh, here it is:

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