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grab your datebooks!
Nov 21, 2014
FX(X) Sets Premiere Dates for The Americans, Justified's Final Run, Always Sunny, and More
I'm so excited that I kind of want to just skip Christmas and get straight to January.
probably for the best
Oct 11, 2014
Archer's Spy Agency Is Dropping the Name ISIS in Light of Recent Real-World Events
When Season 6 premieres in January, things are going to look a bit different.
are you still alive?
Jul 27, 2014
Comic-Con 2014: The Complete List of Sunday's TV Panels, Including Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, and More
Here's a look at what's happening on the final day of this year's event.
No modern family!
May 28, 2014
The 2014 Critics' Choice Awards Nominees: Fargo, Big Bang, and Some Notable Newcomers
Broad City, Walton Goggins, and Albert Tsai also get noms in this well-picked lot.
Apr 22, 2014
Archer Vice: Arrivals/Departures
Sterling Archer, I’d like you to meet your daughter: Abbiejean
Apr 15, 2014
Archer Vice: Filibuster
WE GOT THE TIGER! And it was fierce one who seemed to be on the rebel side of the fights. In the end he’ll probably be a CIA-agent in disguise, but what the hell….

But before I start with the recap, I have a request. If you liked reading this post, please give it a heart, either on the top right side or bottom left side of the post. Please do this for all the (featured) posts from all the writers you read and like. It is the reward for us (non-paid amateur) writers who try to make this site more fun for us all. In this way we know it is appreciated what we do and we will keep on writing.

It is the penultimate episode of this season. Those usually are meant to set up the pieces for the season finale where we get the great send ...Read more
Apr 08, 2014
Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue Part II
Well, lets get off my chest what I thought after seeing this episode: it was not the best of this season. Having said that, it still was a enjoyable. We got some history lessons, Cyril showed some initiative and we see a lot of girl power, especially in a few catfights. I’ve had worse evenings.

Last week we left our heroes in the middle of a shooting of shells next to the palace by the rebels and the ususal misconception by Cherlene who thinks it’s all for her and Cherlenemania had started! It looks spectacular (from the outside ...Read more
Come, come, come
Apr 02, 2014
Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue Part 1
Last week I ended with: ‘So, there’s almost no cocaine left. No money, no ISIS, no future. What to do next?'. Well, if you’ve got a plane, weapons and a dictator who is desperate in need of some guns, why not fly to San Marcos? There may be some money to refill the empty safe at home. It was an episode full of action, mystery, nagging, talking and fun. I had far too much pictures so I had to cut down a bit, but this episode sure had several happy endings for Archer.

So in the opening minutes we see a familiar scene from the last episode, Ray flying the plane but this time they’re in the company of Krieger, Malory and Lana.

Archer is complaining about Ray’s flying as he can’t get drunk that way. As Lana and Archer are bickering again, Malory complains ...Read more
Mar 26, 2014
Archer Vice: On The Carpet
Following up on the great recaps by Grumpyclown, you’ll have to sit in with one of mine this week. I’m just trying to fill the hole he left this week (yes, that’s phrasing).

Following up on last weeks episode where we saw Archer, Cyril and Ray take ...Read more
Mar 19, 2014
Archer Vice: The Rules of Extraction
Archer, Ray and Cyril escape their captors, while Mallory frets stateside
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