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celebrating dads
Jun 17, 2016
10 Netflix Shows To Watch With Your Dad This Father's Day
We've got your perfect Father's Day present right here.
countin' 'em down
Apr 15, 2016
Here's Every FX Original Series, Ranked
With another great FX show in the books, we're ready to take stock of everything the channel has done in the 21st century.
Aug 07, 2015
FXX Orders a New Comedy from the Creator of Archer
The network will also become the new home of Archer.
Jul 20, 2015
R.I.P. George Coe
Veteran actor George Coe - whose most recent role was the voice of Woodhouse on Archer - passed away on Saturday after a long battle with illness, aged 86.
big questions
Apr 22, 2015
What's Next for FX, Now That Justified and Sons of Anarchy Are Gone?
Without those two tentpoles, the network's programming slate is full of question marks, aging offerings, and a weird mix of good shows with bad ratings and bad shows with solid ratings.
Apr 05, 2015
Archer 'Drastic Voyage: Part II" Review
'Why would you want to work for these Ivy-League white-shoe DC pricks? That's not who we are! We're the outsiders, the scrappy underdogs! We're Delta House, the Dirty Dozen, the Rebel Alliance, the Commitments! We're the Bad News Freakin' Bears, and our Lupus is an openly gay cyborg dying of sepsis in a wheelbarrow!'

And that’s how you (in this case Archer) say goodbye to the CIA and enter a new world of exciting new adventures. And it felt right, the combination with the CIA did not bring us the spying adventures we had hoped for.

But before arriving at that lonely point in the desert where they were stranded (probably somewhere in New Mexico), there was this mission in a miniaturized submarine to save Dr. Kovacs by getting rid of a blood clot in his brain. Well, contrary to the story this was all ...Read more
Mar 29, 2015
Archer "Drastic Voyage: Part I" Review
Just like I asked for, the whole crew got together to face another assignment. In this penultimate episode of the 6th season, the assignment was a good vehicle for every character to be at their best and we even saw a little character development. Krieger is NOT an Adolf Hitler clone (at least he claims he is not)! And I suspect he might not even be a clone at all. Although, his former self had never denied it. Might this one be a clone after all? The love story between Archer and Lana was not blatantly obvious any more, but baby A.J. again gave us weakest part in the discussions of this episode as it seemed to affect Lana in her secret agent stuff.

Let’s start with the obvious: the setup is not only a nod to the film ‘Fantastic Voyage’, but almost a remake with another cast ...Read more
2010 – 2015
Mar 24, 2015's Top 30 Shows of the Past Five Years, Vol. 3: #10–1
This current half-decade has been an exciting, wild, and invigorating time for television.
Mar 21, 2015
Archer: "Achub Y Morfilod" Review
While Archer tries to take Lana on a romantic holiday to have some time to talk over the Katya situation, we are treated on a piece of Welsh history. And, as we could have expected, the trip was also a business one.

After last weeks intervention by the ‘idiots’, as Archer calls them, we see our lovebirds just a few hours after the end of that episode. Lana is waking up in the back of the car, still wearing the lingerie she wore in Archers flat. She almost strangles Archer for drugging her and then abducting her in a CIA plane to Wales.

In a storyline that could easily have led to another break up, that breakup did not happen as both showed an almost unfamiliar maturity in their behaviour. It was on the edge, but still. One might even say it has strengthened their relationship. In the end, Lana ...Read more
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