Season 4 Episode 8

Coyote Lovely

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2013 on FXX

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  • which is Texas

    LOVED Archer's description of Texas. It is spot on. Trust me, I live there. I always replay that part of the episode several times when I watch it.
  • Fun episode, I laughed out loud at least once...

    "Turns out he's some kinda spook", as spoken by guest Nick Searcy, and Archer's response made me LOL. Good to hear Dayton Callie's guest appearing voice as well.
  • Archer goes South

    This week throws Archer, Cyril, and Lana into the field yet again in another solid outing where they're trying to stop a coyote who is the most notorious smuggler of immigrants. Archer and their plan to bait her don't go as planned, also they didn't expect her to be a woman. Archer falls for her and takes her off along with a car full of the immigrants in the back of their car. Hilarity ensues obviously especially when Archer gets under fire with some gung ho Border Patrol wannabes. The whole plot ending up being the actual lead coyote's daughter just to lure Archer away so that the real one, her mother, could smuggle thousands in at once (which I'm sure is a jab at the security of the border) and how Malory took the offer so that she could get new carpet amusingly.
  • great episode

    thought the episode was an improvement from last week. some good laughs.