Season 3 Episode 10

Crossing Over

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2012 on FXX

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  • Surprising turn in the show's writing (for the better)

    For most of this season, I was laughing through every episode thinking that this show is the best its ever been. The humor on the show comes effortlessly now, mostly because we know all the characters much more and they are much more fleshed out. Archer is a show that rewards the viewers the more they watch of it.

    Which brings me to the significance of this episode. "Crossing Over" brings us back to the long overarching (or should I say "over-archer-ing?") storyline regarding Archer's biological father and all the characters involved with it. I won't go into depth about the entire synopsis of the story, but at the end of the episode I was surprised to witness some genuine drama on this show. Almost every character (and the flaws of those characters) get spotlighted in the story, contributing to the surprising end. I was actually surprised at where this story is going, at first the episode was all laughs but then I was blind-sighted at where this episode moves the story. More questions are made, stakes are raised, and there is more anticipation and excitement now for what happens next for the characters. The potential for Archer to get even better seems to be expanded now for me.

    I've always wanted Archer to be more of a spy movie, mixing all the fun qualities of all of our favorite James Bond movies and shaken with some strong dirty jokes. What I didn't expect was getting a nice delicious chaser of drama with it too. I can't wait for what lies ahead for the rest of the season.
  • Crossing Over

    Archer gets an unexpected hangover (not really) and ended up spending the night with what he believes to be the best sex he's ever had. And, actual surprise, it turns out to be Pam. I thought it would've been the stripper from the night before and that she would be dead in the bathroom which is a more typical Archer-like thing to have happen. Archer tells her he would die of shame if anyone ever found out about them but they continue their encounters discreetly. Nikolai Jakoff decides to defect to the States in the hopes of moving in with Malory and reconnecting with Sterling he ends up placed in the ISIS safe house. The reason being for his defection if Bio-Barry is now running the KGB and wants to ruin Archer's life. Malory explains that he won't move in with her even though she is fond of him. Sterling and Jakoff hit it off and build a raport but when Lana, Gilette, and Cyril encounter a sleeper agent who says that Jakoff has been being fed fake information on operations Barry makes his move to the safe house. He does so by approaching Cheryl, who agrees to go home with him and when they arrive he chokes her profusely. Archer skips out on his eight hour watch duty, and interestingly and Jakoff agree to get a DNA test done to confirm his paternity. Barry arrives at the safe house and subdues Jakoff, who while on film for a debrief giving all of his intelligence, tells Archer a very important thing that he must know, but we never what it actually is. Since Jakoff was killed in a fiery explosion there won't be any DNA able to extract for a paternity test, as Barry happily pointed out. Jakoff's death was an unexpected turn of events and one that makes me sad and yet confident that the writers have the gall to be mature about some thing and kill off some characters if need be, especially to keep secrets from viewers like what Jakoff says to Sterling on the tape.
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