Season 3 Episode 7

Drift Problem

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on FXX

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  • Happy Birthday Archer!

    As a birthday gift Malory gets Archer an awesome spymobile straight out a James Bond movie practically. He promises to take care of it but when he drives it home it gets stolen out from under. He thinks it must be top car thieves so Pam suggests it's more than likely Yakuza gangsters who she races with. So naturally there is a field mission involving Cyril, Lana, and Archer dressed up as pit crew for Pam's drift-racer. Archer starts another funny "Rampage" by opening fire on the Yakuza and there is a really well animated chase scene with guns involved. But in the end it turns out that Malory took the car from Archer to teach him a lesson just she did when she "stole" or made his bike look to have been stolen. Archer shocked by this is numbed and the Yakuza leader getting shot at by Malory with a statement of "That's for Pearl Harbor" is the most blatantly racist thing these characters have ever said. So it was a great episode that just proves how utterly repulsive a mother Malory is to Archer and how poor of a character he is because of it and his indulgent behaviors.
  • His ass is everywhere...

    Simply put this entire episode had me laughing so hard that I thought my head was going to expolde, and then Mr. Ford from 'Frisky Dingo' fame made a cameo at the end and my head blew clean off my shoulders.

    I believe it is now time to bring Killface back, as he is still the best character out of Frisk-tacles-cher-21; yes it's truly all one big show set in the same universe.

    Anyway thank you so much for these shows, MATT and ADAM FOREVER!