Season 2 Episode 10

El Secuestro

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on FXX

Episode Recap

On their way to work, Cheryl and Pam are almost kidnapped; pretending that Pam is Cheryl, Cheryl is spared, but Pam is taken away by men in hoods.
At ISIS, Cheryl tells everyone what happened, revealing that she is actually a billionaire. The gang gathers at Cheryl's immense mansion while they try to negotiate what must be done. Malory wants Cheryl to sign a contract that will ensure a large stipend for getting Pam back, but Cheryl insists that they retrieve Pam first.
Back at headquarters, Archer and Ray go to rescue Cheryl when she too is kidnapped - by Cyril, who is owed 3,700 dollars by Cheryl. That mission is carried out smoothly, but poor Pam is still holding her own against her kidnappers. When they try to negotiate a sum for Pam after realizing she's not Cheryl, Malory offers the kidnappers 5,000 dollars for Pam.
Incensed, Pam offers to help the kidnappers get into ISIS. Though successful, a shootout ensues due to Cyril's lack of understanding how to handle guns. The kidnappers are all killed, but Pam's stress has gotten to her. She angrily calls everyone out for being so mean to her, and threatens to beat up Malory after Pam sheds her shirt. Everyone is disturbed.