Season 2 Episode 10

El Secuestro

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on FXX

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  • So Funny

    Good ep. Pams character is great, specially in this episode. Wouldn't usualy do a husky chic but if see was real I'd totally tap that.
  • Oopsie

    Pam gets kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity when it was supposed to be Cheryl, who is in fact a millionaire from a family descended from some railroad executive, so ISIS plots to get her back rather than pay the ransom of $5000. As per usual everyone is a total jerk in this show but it's enjoyable to see some of the situations that they get themselves into. Ultimately they try to protect Cheryl but it all goes awry in the most unexpected of ways. I don't like how they keep on recycling jokes that it seems they've beat to death I think that they should create new ones that repeat per season if they choose to have repetition as opposed to "Lana has big hands" over and over. Oh well, that's just how it feels to me it's still a bloody awesome show with plenty of offensive humor for everyone, especially the winner this week was Cyril's phone sex bit.