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Archer Submission Guidelines

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    Welcome to the "Danger Zone!"

    As the current editor of this show, I love it when other fans contribute; but sometimes new or infrequent users might not understand what I consider to be a substantial submission. Since it differs from editor to editor here on, I thought it might be helpful to lay out what I like to see!

    1. Allusions: An allusions ia direct or passing reference (though preferably one that is not entirely spelled out) to an existing piece of media - books, games, movies, television shows, etc. Please briefly explain the original source when you submit to this category. Example: Archer mentions a Burt Reynolds movie; please briefly explain the film to which he is referring, as well as citing when the reference occurs during the episode.

    2. Trivia: This is something a viewer might not have noticed the first time around, or something a viewer might not know about the episode. Tidbits that involve something happening repeatedly are iffy - the fact that Brett gets shot again is worthy, but citing each time that he doesn't is not.

    3. Notes: This section deals with off-camera or production events, as well as music. Please do not list everything from the DVD commentaries here. Each submission is monitored, so pick your favorite segments or the ones that seem most relevant to submit.

    4. Quotes: These should stand on their own and require very little explanation or context.

    5. Sources: If you submit a new episode to the show, provide a source besides IMDB or Wikipedia. For Quotes, Allusions, and Trivia, provide a timecode for a reference, if applicable.

    6. READ CAREFULLY: If your submission is already in the guide, do not submit it again. If you are making a correction to a submission, thoroughly explain what it is that you are fixing.

    To read the rules adhering to show submissions, click this link.

    Thanks so much, and Happy Viewing!


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