Season 4 Episode 1

Fugue and Riffs

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on FXX

Episode Recap

The KGB attacks Archer at a burger restaurant, where he believes that he is married to a woman named Linda and is acting as a stepfather to her three children. When the agents refer to him as "Archer," Archer - who thinks his name is Bob - decides he has to investigate. However, he is only able to do so after miraculously thwarting each of the Russian agents.
At ISIS, Malory discovers that Lana has tracked down Archer's whereabouts. He has ventured to a spa to calm his nerves; Dr. Krieger offers the suggestion that Archer is suffering from amnesia.
At the spa, Lana attempts to seduce Archer, but becomes increasingly frustrated when he reveals no sign that he remembers who he is; Dr. Krieger has warned Lana to ease Archer into the truth, speculating that telling him too much too soon could cause sever psychological damage.
As part of an elaborate plan to help Archer come to his senses, Cyril and Krieger agree to pose as KGB agents to break in his memory. Soon, unfortunately, they are attacked by real KGB agents. During the tussle, Lana breaks a bottle over Archer's head and this finally makes it all come back to him.
After the attack, Archer reveals that he vanished in the middle of his mother's wedding to Ron Cadillac, a successful and wealthy Cadillac salesman. He appears in the nick of time to comfort Malory. As the gang heads back to ISIS, Cheryl panics when a bad LSD trip makes her see an ostrich talk.