Season 4 Episode 1

Fugue and Riffs

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on FXX

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  • Archer's Burgers

    Season 4 finds Archer inexplicably working in a burger shack down by pier not knowing his true identity, the setting of FOX's Bob's Burgers (also starring H. Jon Benjamin). The mixture of animation and also bringing the two shows together with the voice actress who does Linda was hilarious. When a couple of KGB spies come into the restaurant recognizing him and wanting to kill him. In a History of Violence sort of way he does away with all of them and then decides to leave "his Also his forgetting Tina's name was great since Bob's parenting leads a lot to be desired naturally. The incident puts Archer back into ISIS's eyes, since he's been missing for months and only now surfaced. Malory sends Lana in undercover while Archer, thinking he's now Bob, goes on a spa weekend to not put his family in danger. Kreiger and Cyril (with a mustache) impersonate KGB agents going after Archer at the spa so that he can "ease back into his identity Kreiger's comparison to latex gimp suit was disgusting but also characteristically him as well as all of his fake medical talk about Archer's brain. Lana having to get closer to Archer brings back the old him but when the real KGB shows up just as Cyril and Kreiger are about to spring the "trap" on Archer a firefight ensues putting Archer and Lana in familiar territory. The irony of having the frying pan hit on the head actually be the thing that brings Archer back was a nice touch since it was the one thing that Kreiger insisted wouldn't work. They do away with the KGB agents and Archer remembers how he lost his memory and became Bob. Malory was getting hitched to the owner of the Cadillac company and in a drunken state of desperation made the limo driver take him away at gunpoint after the reception. No doubt, if Malory was my mother that kind of trauma would cause me to do the same thing. But the best part of the episode was Cheryl tripping "bear balls" and seeing the ostrich. Welcome back Archer, that was a very interesting way to bring in Bob's burgers into the mix and one of the best cold opens the series has ever had not having the crossover like the Bones/Family Guy one where it was all a dream which is terrible and cliche. Also having Barry back as the season's bad guy is a nice touch waiting to get a spaceship to bring him back to Earth. Just bring back Conrad Stern please, it's been a while.
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