Season 3 Episode 2

Heart of Archness, Part II

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on FXX

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  • "Good Morning, Noah!" - Archer in bed with two beautufl ladies speaking to his new right hand man Noah (David Cross).


    This episode picks up after the events of last week's special and spins it's wheels for awhile whilst we see Archer as a 'pirate king'.

    When most shows would phone in an act two build up episode when it's Archer spinning it's wheels it always makes for great T.V.

    To say that Archer never learns his lesson (yet again) would be an understatement but here he of course uses his pirate followers for far to long and a good old fashioned mutiny follows, that and lots of idiom jokes.

    All in all it was very funny but obviously was the build up show for next week's epic conclusion, and as always David cross and Patrick Warburton were awesome in the guest roles.

    Will anyone survive the fight for survival on Pirate Island, find out next week why not?!

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