Season 4 Episode 7

Live and Let Dine

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2013 on FXX

Episode Recap

The ISIS team goes undercover at an upscale New York restaurant in response to a threat made against an Albanian diplomat during an upcoming state dinner being held there. Using assumed identities Archer, Cyril, Lana and Ray pose as kitchen staff in order to assess the nature of the threat. However, the restaurant is run by a celebrity chef (voiced by actual celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain) who is also the star of the reality show Bastard Chef. Meanwhile, Malory has Cheryl and Pam trying desperately to obtain a reservation to the dinner for her. At the restaurant Archer is using his assumed position as sous chef to abuse Cyril by making him perform degrading tasks such as mopping up soup and dismantling sheep heads. Malory is finally able to obtain her reservation after Cheryl manages to coax the armory officer at ISIS headquarters to use spy tech to find the private number for the restaurant. Once Malory arrives for dinner, Lana learns that, once again, Malory has made a fake security threat to both get work for ISIS and get herself a luxurious evening. Things fall apart, however, when the Albanian ambassador is actually murdered by the head chef who was hired to make ISIS look incompetent by the bionic love birds Barry and Katya of the KGB.

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