Season 4 Episode 7

Live and Let Dine

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2013 on FXX

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  • Master Chef Meets Master Spy

    I really enjoyed this week's offering of Archer it combined a guilty pleasure of mine, reality all star chef shows, with my favorite animated show (which is obviously this one). Archer, Lana, Cyril, and Gillette all go undercover in a five star restaurant run by a mega-douche of a master chef, Casteaux (spelling is wrong but whatever) to investigate a "vague security threat" against the Albanian Prime Minster. While undercover, Archer of course doesn't use their cover ID's and take after Casteaux's style of ABBAB (always be belligerent and belittling). Malory holds Pam's fish Germaine hostage until they manage to get her a table at the restaurant. Casteaux's blatant sexism against Lana, who is just answering phones and denying people reservations when they're booked solid for ten months, was a little disturbing. But his and Archer's making Gillette's cover ID that of a "child-murderer" under the caption of his name (since there was a camera filming everything) was enjoyable. Oh I forgot to mention Casteaux is featured on a show called Bastard Chef. When Malory, after getting a table, reveals that she just faked the threat to get a table there, things get weird. Archer is told he may have a future in fine dining as a sous chef and the Albanian Minister compliments his dish. But the minister drops dead from poisoned mushrooms in his food that were put there by Casteaux who retreats. Turns out someone paid him six million dollars to kill off the Albanian Minister just to make ISIS look un-hirable to the State Department who were in attendance. Barry and Katja were not surprisingly behind it and Barry's comment about the six million dollars being enough to build another cyberman was a great six million dollar man reference. But overall this was one of my favorite episodes of this season so far even though Krieger was absent as he is my favorite part of the show.