Season 3 Episode 8

Lo Scandalo

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on FXX

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  • "A Most Elegant Dinner Party"

    Archer got really good this week as things kick off with Malory calling Archer and Lana to help get rid of a dead body of the Italian Prime Minister who's bonded in her apartment. She says three masked men came in, killed him and she shot after them. They call the ever creepy as hell Krieger who has a plan to dispose of the body through dismemberment. This episode got a little bit too disgusting especially the thing Archer finds in the prime minister, that's all I'm going to say, as well as the scattering of the body parts looking like a smiley face on a map when looked at is a messed up detail. When a tip is called in from someone and a detective shows up (the rest of the ISIS gang gets dragged along to help get rid of the body) they stage that they are having a dinner party and talking like posh upper class people from Europe which is funny and oh so pretentious, particularly Archer calling Lana a "sullen wench." When the detective is satisfied that there is in fact no body stashed in the apartment he leaves and the guests leave with their respective parts of the body. Lana hypothesizes holes in Malory's story and says that she killed the Prime Minister and had them help her. The scene where she shoots him is followed by an explanation of an old Op where a possible candidate for Archer's father was killed by the Prime Minister's order and that she only waited so long on his yearly visits because the sex was really great. Really funny episode and a great setup of always having to do away with a body at Malory's place. The racism in this episode was a little overdone but funny nonetheless especially Archer's ignorance that Italy has a prime minster, not a king.