Season 4 Episode 4

Midnight Ron

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2013 on FXX

Episode Recap

Ron Cadillac, Malory's new husband, is in Schenectady, Canada on business and needs to get back to New York to take his wife to the opera. At the same time, Archer is stranded in nearby Montreal with no money or passport. Ron decides to offer Archer a ride back across the border, which Archer reluctantly accepts. To get Sterling into the U.S. without his passport, Ron puts him into the trunk of his car. A few hours after crossing the border, two men attack Ron's car. Archer kills the attackers but, having lost a tire in the gun fight, Ron's car flips off the road and crashes. After pulling themselves from the wreckage, Archer sees that Ron was smuggling a large suitcase full of dirty money across the border. When he confronts Ron about it, he learns that Ron was a very successful car thief in his younger years and, after the rest of his crew were busted and sent to prison, eventually went into legitimate business as a car dealership owner. The money Ron is smuggling is intended for the the men who went to prison and never ratted Ron out as an accomplice.

Now, having to hitchhike back to New York, the pair are picked up by a truck driver who insists they ride in his semi's trailer for insurance reasons. However, when the truck stops and Ron and Archer are released, they find that they have been shanghaied into a snuff film ring. They barely escape by pulling a gun on the pornographers and jumping onto a moving train. After a short ride and some "accidental bonding," the two get to one of Ron's Cadillac dealerships and acquire a new car. They arrive back in New York just in time for Ron to accompany Malory the opera.